Being Born a Conjoined Twin Essay Example

Being Born a Conjoined Twin Essay Example
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📌Published: 14 March 2021

Did you know that a conjoined birth happens after every 200,000 live births according to the University of Maryland Medical Center? It is better to be born a conjoined twin than to separate. Considering just being born a conjoined twin, it is possible not to live until one-year-old. There are benefits to remaining conjoined twins but there are also drawbacks. 

Remaining a conjoined twin is not all bad. The cost of the separation of the twins can be very costly and not everyone can handle those prices. The surgery is about 75% successful to have at least one twin surviving. 

Separating from being a conjoined twin can be difficult and sometimes can leave you with 1 of the twins or neither with success you can leave with both. It depends on where the twins are connected. Let us say if they are joined side by side they can have two legs and When separated, the Mayo Clinic will only tell them about one leg.

I believe that you should leave them together with a lot of complications. Many of the complications involve money and considering the time and amount of workers it takes to separate twins it is costly. Also, they can live just as good a life as they would if they were separated. 

There are benefits and drawbacks to remaining a conjoined twin. There factors like and where they are conjoined at. Things like how much the surgery would cause and the risk factors based on where they are connected to have separation surgery. There are a lot of elements that could factor and play a part in a person’s decision.



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