Benefits And Disadvantages Of Organization Wellness Programs

Benefits And Disadvantages Of Organization Wellness Programs
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📌Published: 21 March 2021

For decades, it has been well understood that schools should play an important and comprehensive role in promoting the health of students. Some believe that School administrators’ and teachers’ involvement are recognized as a key factor in the extent to which school health programs and initiatives are successfully implemented while others do not. There are both advantages and disadvantages of the involvement of teachers and administration in health initiatives.

There are many benefits to staff and students to join health programs. Health initiatives can help motivate the teachers and students to exercise to eat healthy. For example, Group nutrition challenges often help people to stay on track because they have the support of their peers around them. People who do not normally exercise might enjoy school-wide exercise programs such as 5Ks,zumba and crossfit. In addition, Wellness programs often save teachers’, admins’ ,and students’ parents’ money in the long term. A healthy person can bring the cost of insurance down significantly. Studies show organizations that implement wellness programs save up to 32 % in insurance costs. 

While there are benefits to involving wellness programs, there are also downsides. First,health initiatives can be costly for the school in terms of time and money. With all the demands on teachers and students to perform on state tests, the school day is already packed full. Some teachers and students may feel exhausted with the time needed to participate in wellness programs on top of what they are already doing. Second,Most teachers do not have enough supplies because of education budget constraints. Teachers may be frustrated when the school finds money for faculty Zumba classes ,but not for  additional school supplies. Lastly, Some people may feel overwhelmed if the school focuses on wellness programs all the time. Disabled students or elderly teachers and admins may feel the opposite of the motivated.Instead, they may feel left out. Wellness exercise competitions may be a source of anxiety for students who are not athletic or who feel inadequate. 

In conclusion, there are both pros and cons to involvement of admins and teachers in health initiatives. It will encourage students and staff  about caring for their well-being and save money for people who are involved. On the other hand, schools need to find extra money and time for health initiative education. Also, Some people who are physically challenged may feel excluded from things.

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