Benefits of Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine Opinion Essay

Benefits of Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine Opinion Essay
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📌Published: 14 April 2021

My sister and I both got COVID-19 the first of January. It was a terrible experience.We were both unsure about the COVID-19 vaccine, but now we are interested in getting it. Just a quick background information back in 2020, in China there was a virus later named COVID-19, soon enough it made its way to America. It has killed and hospitalized thousands of people in just one short year. Doctors and scientists were finally able to put together a vaccine right before the one year mark. It is necessary for people to get the COVID vaccine because it can decrease the chances of you getting the virus, slow the spread of the virus down, and save lives. 

The first reason to get the COVID vaccine is because it can decrease the chances of you getting the virus. For this vaccine they are using a mRNA instead of a dose of COVID-19 in the vaccine. What is being said by this is that other vaccines normally put weakened or inactivated germs into your body (Understanding mRNA 1). Unlike those other vaccines, the COVID vaccine uses mRNA. This type of vaccine helps your body make protein and protects itself against the virus(Understanding mRNA 1). My sister’s friend got the shot then got COVID about a week after. That means getting the vaccine is not one hundred percent accurate, you can still get the virus after getting the shot. Throughout all the different vaccines, the mRNA has been studied the longest and never used until COVID-19 hit. MRNA vaccine has been studied before the flu, Zika, rabies, and cytomegalovirus(Understanding mRNA 8). You may have also realized that for the COVID-19 you required to take a shot now, then another one later on. This is because studies show that after the first shot is fifty-two percent effective and ninety-five percent effective after the second shot ( second COVID shot 1). Like mentioned before, my sister’s friend got COVID after getting the first shot, maybe if she would have gotten the second shot sooner, she wouldn’t have gotten the virus. You have to wait like two weeks before you can get the second shot, which is more effective than the first one. 

The second reason to get the COVID-19 vaccine is because it can slow the spreading of COVID down. The less people that get COVID the less it spreads.Vaccines train our immune systems to create proteins to fight diseases. (COVID-19 3). Vaccinated people are protected from getting the virus and passing it on to others. (COVID-19 3). If the vaccine uses the mRNA to help build up protein to help the body fight the virus off, then you should not have to worry about spreading it (Understanding mRNA 1). The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease Director Anthony Fauci estimated that at least seventy-five percent and closer to eighty-five percent of the population would have to get the vaccine before the virus would stop spreading(Visram 1). When enough people receive the vaccine the rate of transmission will begin to slow down (Visram2). It is possible that the deaths will start dropping once people seventy-five and older get the vaccine (Visram 6). The first clinical validation that the vaccine can prevent COVID-19 disease (Grady 16). My grandma is seventy-nine and she got the COVID-19 vaccine last week, so far she hasn’t had any problems and hasn’t gotten the virus. Most people wear masks and social distance and still get COVID that is because that is not enough to prevent getting the virus (Benefits COVID vaccine 13). Even if you get the COVID-19 vaccine, you still want to be cautious and still obey the pandemic guidelines. Hopefully by the end of 2021, COVID-19 will be history. That brings me to my last reason to get vaccinated. 

The final reason to get the COVID-19 vaccine is because it saves lives. If you get the vaccine and also get COVID it is said that the vaccine can prevent you from getting seriously ill(Benefits COVID vaccine 6). Workers such as doctors and nurses should get the COVID-19 vaccine because they are treating patients that do not need it if they don’t have it already. Frontline health workers will be among the first groups to provide real-word evidence of the vaccine effects(Younggren 1). Now people have their own opinions and some believe that the COVID-19 vaccine is not gonna do anything. That may be the case with the vaccine being rushed in the market now, a lot of Americans could still die within the year (The COVID-19 vaccine 13). The COVID-19 vaccine was made in less than a year and we have no idea the long term side effects which is kinda scary. Anyone could have side effects and they may be different. Someone may have an allergic reaction to it and their mom might not have any side effects. A doctor that was known as healthy died just two weeks after getting the COVID-19 shot (Boyryga 1-2). They say that he had spots appearing on his body, and had to get last resort surgery. (Boyrga 4/7). They are still not sure if it was the COVID vaccine or not, but I bet that is still a nervous thought.  The COVID-19 vaccine could only be fifty percent effective. After taking just two shots, they believe you are healed from it forever, but most vaccines aren’t designed to be lifelong protection.(Pearl 17) If the vaccine is only fifty percent effective and only fifty percent of people get it, then the nation’s immunization rate is only twenty-five percent (Pearl 19-20) However, that is not always the case, if you decide to get the vaccine, you will be able to save your life and the life of others. The COVID-19 vaccine is made to build up protein in your body that helps the immune system fight off the virus and help people stay alive. 

You should get the COVID-19 vaccine because it can decrease the chances of you getting the virus, slow the spreading of the virus down, and save lives. The COVID-19 vaccine uses mRNA instead of weakened germs like most vaccines do. People that get the vaccine might not get the virus meaning the less people that get the virus the less it can spread. Most workers like doctors and nurses need to get the shot to make sure their patients are not in risk if they do not have COVID already. Just remember if you get the vaccine, you need to still follow the pandemic guidelines that are in term now. Hopefully you will agree to get the COVID-19 vaccine and save not only your life, but the lives of others.

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