Benefits Of Going To School Later Essay Example

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  • Published: 17 May 2021
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Going to school later means improvements in students in a variety of ways.  Even though there could be some cons to going to school later, it has more pros than going to school earlier. Many schools in Seattle have been going to school later and they have seen a general improvement in their students academically and mentally.  Improvements, such as better test scores, sleep schedules/recommended sleep time better health in general, and improved academic ability. 

Even though going to school later would be a good idea, some other people don’t agree with it. Schools that like to start earlier instead of later are going early because there is more time to go to after-school events or there is more day time for students to stay active and be outside.  people think that because they care about what their students do after school and are trying to give the students free time after school to do what they desire. Even though going to school later means not as much free time after school but going later gives students that boost of academic ability than going earlier. Though going earlier means more time after school going later means students will be healthy and get the recommended sleep time so they will be refreshed and ready to learn.

Going to school later means better academic performance in school for students. Pediatricians say that if your child gets eight and a half hours of sleep a day which is the recommended sleep time they will have the best academic performance in school.  Even though 59 % of middle school students and 87% of high school students don’t get recommended sleep time is why they should push school back an hour or two.  42 states are reporting that their school times start earlier than 8:30.  This is saying that 42 states schools are not getting the rest they need for academic success and health improvement. Researchers have proven better scores on tests when students have only increased their sleep time by 34 minutes. This is saying that even with the slightest amount of more sleep means students can increase on health and academic success. 

Starting school times can affect differently but starting later helps students. As so Seattle public school is now one of the largest districts in the nation where teens start school later than 8:30 as recommended by the academy of the pedestrian. This means schools in Seattle are trying to benefit their students in school instead of harming their students by going earlier they go later to benefit them. Starting school later also unleashes full capability and responsibilities in students. This is saying if schools would start later students would generally do better in school. If school times were to start later there would be some changes like bell times but if it’s beneficial for health and learning why not? This is saying doesn’t matter the cost as long as the students are successful in school that matters.

In conclusion, though some people are against going to school later, going to school layer gives teenagers recommended sleep time, better test grades, and improved health and academic ability. You can go both ways but I recommend starting schools later so then kids can unleash their potential to be healthy and do good in school.


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