Benefits of High-Speed Rail for the United States

If I had the power to change the course of history in the United States, I would implement a nationwide high speed rail (HSR) system to enhance transportation accessibility, encourage environmental efficiency, and introduce new jobs into the economy. The USA is currently facing a transportation crisis characterized by excessive carbon dioxide emissions, inaccessible public transportation, and overcrowded infrastructure.

Firstly, high speed rails would provide those who cannot afford air travel or casual trips cheaper interstate transportation. They would also present the opportunity for the impoverished to more easily get employed and subsequently, partially abridge the wealth gap.

Secondly, high speed rails would decrease these carbon dioxide emissions through their low carbon footprint and passengers that would otherwise be using less sustainable options. This will also unclog constant traffic congestion caused by an influx of commuters.

Thirdly, high speed rails would stimulate the economy through providing jobs, which is especially needed because the USA is in an economic recession. The Coronavirus pandemic led many workers to be fired or furloughed; therefore, they would benefit from the jobs a HSR would produce.

Overall, developing a nationwide high speed rail road would change the course history in regards to revolutionizing transportation for commuters and corporations alike. I am confident a high speed rail would benefit America because of its successes in parts of Europe in China. One might argue that this project is too costly, but I feel it is an investment that will pay for itself once built.


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