Benefits Of Student Exchange Essay Example

Benefits Of Student Exchange Essay Example
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📌Published: 18 March 2021

Exchange programs for students are a tricky matter. They can either expand a student’s worldview drastically or they can be an experience they look back and shudder upon.  

On one hand, some believe that a school’s main goal is to provide an education that will help its students succeed in life, not be some indirect travel agency. On top of that, older students need all the time they can get in their school, which they’re comfortable in already, to prepare for higher education and competitive workspaces. Exchange visits also require extensive planning on both schools’ sides. This affects the teachers’ abilities to focus on their other students, making it unfair to prioritize a single student over many others. If things don’t go as planned, the experience can be very traumatic for the 14-year-old, whose ability to judge what they see cannot be dependable, either. Furthermore, persuading teachers to alter their lessons to accommodate a single student– whose progress isn’t their responsibility– is a struggle as well. 

On the other hand, student exchange programs can be a great opportunity for growth and experiencing the world through a different lens. Students must be sensible enough to represent their school and country and keen enough to be willing to learn in a way that is completely new to them. If chosen carefully, students have flourished in their new environment, showing growth and understanding of different cultures. Exchange visits have potential to increase a student’s level of empathy and compassion for others; these experiences cannot take place in the classroom.  

Personally, I think it should be implemented. It promotes resourcefulness, appreciation for others and students’ people skills, while also helping them establish new relationships. Even students at the host school benefit from seeing a new face. Many of the drawbacks of exchange can be solved by simply choosing the right students. For example, the program should only be for students who have stable grades, to ensure they don’t lack behind in their new environment.  All in all, I think exchange visits are something schools should do because they enrich the learning environment a lot.

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