Black Like Me Book Review

In the novel Black Like Me the there is a significance of title , which has to do with racism . It is a moving and troubling book . it's a scathing indictment of our society . it's a classic about crossing the color line in into segregation . the purpose of the author was to inform and kinda put people into situations of the black society . the time frame in this novel reveal back to the 1950's showing conflict faced by the black with the whites. in the novel Black Like Me a white man converts his whole life style , leaves his wife and family , to see into the eyes of the negro community . as he begins his task ,his whole life is transformed, his began to notice how people him different base on the fact that now his skins is black . he's introduced to racism , people being rude , disrespect , unknowledgement ! it is the novel of the persecuted , the defrauded , and feared also detested . it began as just a scientific research study of the negro's in the south , then it became a experience for the publisher living as one , offered in all its crudity and rawness . Black Like Me maps racial borders from the necessary social adjustments a negro had to make during the segregated era .Also the novel is a profoundly radical book , at the same time its spiritual . its concerns goes beyond sets of social or political or economic conditions to the underlying hatred cause by racism . it not only a burden of poverty , violence , and humilation that blacks must bear , its a terrible knowledge of how much evil a humans can have in there heart towards other races!


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