Bonnie Raitt and her musical Impact

Bonnie Raitt and her musical Impact
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Female Musicians are some of the most amazing voices you’ll ever hear. Today some might even say they completely run the music Industry. Beyonce, Adele, and Ariana Grande, to name a few are all amazing female artists whose voices and influences are on another level. However, before these three ladies were around, there was Bonnie Raitt. Bonnie Raitt was an American blues singer, guitarist, songwriter, and activist (Wikipedia). Raitt began her career in the early 1970s and is still active today, this shows how passionate she really is about her music. Over the span of her career, Bonnie Raitt has released many masterpieces. “I Can’t Make You Love Me”, “Thing Called Love”, and “Something to talk about” were a few of my favorites, “Something To Talk About” peaked at number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1991 (Wikipedia). The way she seemed like she could do everything was truly admirable. Playing the guitar and having your vocals sound good simultaneously is no easy feature, but Raitt did it with ease. She also played the electric piano. There is no taking away the musical contributions Raitt has made, she’s a ten-time Grammy award winner, released 19 albums and was inducted into the rock, and roll Hall of Fame (Varga, George). 

When you look deeper into her music and what she sings about you start to wonder about her life as a musician. She started her music career as an opening act for a blues club which was a hobby for her, she got signed by Warner Bros. in 1971 and her first album took off. She had her first commercial outbreak with “Sweet Forgiveness” in 1977 and hasn’t looked back (Wikipedia). Bonnie Raitt has stated in interviews that when she started making music in the 70s her main goal was to break the glass ceiling and become one of the few famous women in the industry (YouTube Interview). She further elaborated that despite the current feminist movement, the conditions for female artists have gotten better, but it’s still not on par with males.

Bonnie Raitt used her voice in a genius way, the slow tempo of her vocals delivers an addictive sound that I found myself listening to more times than I needed for this essay. An example of her using this style was in “I Can’t Make You Love Me”. She carried herself in a truly respectable way, it’s no wonder she influenced many big-name performers today. I was most surprised to find out that she influenced Fantasia. In fact, Fantasia actually performed one of Bonnie Raitt’s songs, “Something to talk about”, in my opinion, this song is the perfect introduction to Bonnie Raitt’s music. The music video even does a perfect job of depicting her style and you can learn so much about her from this one song. Her talent has far spread in the music industry, Bonnie Raitt has influenced Beth Mckee, Shelby Lynne, The Chicks, and many other artists(inflooenz). Bonnie Raitt was and still is a musical icon dedicated to providing quality music for her fans.


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