Book Review on All Summer in a Day by Ray Bradbury

Book Review on All Summer in a Day by Ray Bradbury
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📌Published: 10 April 2021

Ray Bradbury’s short story, All Summer in a Day illustrates to the readers how jealousy fueled the children to do something unforgivable. The story is set on Venus where the sun only shines for 2 hours every 7 years. The people of Venus love this as this is their only chance to experience it. But only one child remembers and can recall how it looks and feels, Margot. She was born on Earth. This surges jealousy from the other children in her class.

Characters in the story, ¨All Summer in a Day¨ all show how jealousy affects them. The biggest difference between the children is, Margot. She writes a poem in class about what she could remember the sun being like. They began to pick on her and call her names, “ “Aw you didn’t write that!” ”(Page 1). One of the boys says to her. She is an outcast here on Venus. She yearns to be home on Earth. 

As the story continues the children start to believe that the sun will not appear. That they were lied to. Margot tells them they are wrong and that the scientists were right. They disagree and all decide to shove Margot into a closet before the teacher returns to show the class the sun. ¨They surged about her, caught her up and bore her, protesting, and then pleading, and then crying, back into a tunnel, a room, a closet, where they slammed and locked the door¨(Page 3). They all proceed to then go and enjoy the sun as it appears. They run and play. Until it begins to rain and they run back into the school. Already missing the beautiful sun. But it is soon that they remember. . . they locked Margot up.

This is when the children realize that what they did was horrible. They felt remorseful. The children then all ran to help Margot out of the closet. She had missed it all. Locked in a closet in the dark for several hours. The children now understanding how Margot felt about the sun sympathized with her. They felt guilty now. As seen by the readers when it states, “They walked slowly down the hall in the sound of the cold rain”(Page 4).  The students did not want to have to see her because they now understood and felt for her.

In Ray Bradbury’s All Summer in a Day it communicates the message that envying and being jealous of something the other has can lead to your making regretful decisions. In the end, the children are regretful. The children learn from their mistakes and realize that bullying wasn’t the appropriate response to their jealousy. This shows that the children have feelings and now have empathy for Margot. The actions of the characters in this story left the readers with this: Even though Margot had something the other children did not, they did not give them a reason to bully and ridicule her. 

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