Breathing In the Reality of a Dystopia

Breathing In the Reality of a Dystopia
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📌Published: 12 March 2021

What have you become? That is a question asked by many about the world. Earth has changed a lot since its dawn. One of the most recent reasons for an extraordinary amount of change is humanity. A species of highly developed apes bending the world to their will, causing the beginning of a technologically advanced era. Yet that same race has created a world where those that are different for the most minuscule reasons are ostracized and abused. We all try to mold into what is expected of ourselves in some form, but these groups are forced on another level. They are viewed as inhuman. They try to speak out yet are immediately silenced. Every time they prove themselves to be equal to the dominating group, they are mocked. They keep getting back on their feet, however. To me, that is the bravest thing a person can do. Doing what is right when things are terrible.

 That is the current state of the world- A technologically advanced world, with the desire to cause pain to others. Many people among us have taken off their rose-tinted glasses and are truly seeing the dystopia we live in without filters. Those people are pushing for justice and equality for all. This is Social Breath. Social Breath has many layers and has many different ideas surrounding it. However, the main, almost undisputed idea is about the amount of change a person manages to create. I believe that everyone has their own social breath, no matter how small. It can be thought of as water. Always adapting and changing to any circumstance. A person may only add a droplet, they may add a lake, or they can scoop some out. I myself think I have added a cup.

Many people are now battling it out for the greater good of everyone. This motion for change is growing stronger day by day, week by week, and year by year. Countries all across the globe have had their citizens demand inclusion and equality for minority groups; Even in societies where it should have been existent. 

Every day, the news and the media swirls with tales of another protest, or another person losing their life to what is being protested. Names such as George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery have all flashed across screens around the world. They became symbols of injustice, sparks that ignited a fire of remodeling the world. It has almost become a norm for many people. No one seems to be surprised by how much the world has gone downhill, and groups that are actively trying to modify this reality are losing traction amongst the whirlpool of the internet. 

This movement towards a better society is not just welcomed by many, but desperately needed. Many minorities have had to suffer in near silence, however, now they have a way to fight. One of the biggest rallies sparked because of the death of George Floyd. It created the #BlackLivesMatter and #BLM movement. Millions of people saw the video after it was posted to the web. It spread like wildfire and soon everyone knew about it. Everyone was disgusted at the scene that was playing out in front of their eyes. Millions took the streets to show their outrage at police brutality and how they were repulsed that the officers were simply let off with no consequences. 

Seeing such acts being carried out is horrifying. We all live on the same dying planet. We are all mortal, and only have a set amount of time to do what we want with the gift of life. How and why could someone make it so much harder for others to live? There are various reasons that answer the question, but leave many more questions in their place. However, they all have one common theme: They are heartbreaking. Those that are out protesting or showing their support in whatever way know this. The ideals of the past are just that- the past. In order to look at a better future, they must be left behind and used for a cut above tomorrow. 

Unfortunately, everyone who does want such a utopia cannot actively participate- at least not in person currently. The global pandemic that has ravaged the world has taken lives, jobs, and the activities of many. Herds of people such as myself are still worried about the pandemic that has destroyed the year we currently live in. Seeing such strides in social justice is heartwarming, but not everyone can be there on the front lines. However, people are incredibly creative and resourceful. After all, like Master Wu from the show, Ninjago, once said, “we are only confined by the walls we build ourselves.” The people found a way to show their support and spread the word. Mobs of people have taken to online platforms, alongside social media to cheer on the activists. Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, Instagram, etc. have all had people chatting about and/or supporting the alteration of the world. 

I have also taken to various online platforms to show my support. This is the easiest way for many. Thanks to technology, people are able to gain information faster than in any other period of history. However, it also allows communicating with everyone with internet access. This allows me and millions of people to know what is actually happening on the planet we live on. I make sure that people know the truth and stay informed.

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