Bullying in Schools Essay Example

Bullying has been a common practice nearly everywhere, where the seniors assault the juniors to show them their power. It comes in various forms, either through physical, mental or emotional abuse, or through electronics. Generally, bullying is done by the strong people on the weaker sections of people. Every day, bullying goes unnoticed, due to the witnesses being helpless to the bully’s power. Many people believe that onlookers are overreacting, but the overall problem of bullying grows every day. Its consequences are grave. Children end up dropping out of school, which affects their academic performance. Furthermore, being bullied can lead a victim to go into a state of depression or suicide. 

As a matter of fact, children tend to be cruel, and it is uncommon for grade school students to come home in tears. This is often the first stage of being a victim of bullying. Most children end up dropping out of school, due to the extensive bullying. According to a web article by Public School Review stated, “an estimated 160,000 children miss school on any given day due to fear of bullying by other students.” There is a great deal of evidence to suggest that bullying has a negative impact on a child’s academic performance. Due to this the parents will most likely see their child failing or barely passing their class. Based on statistics, 28.8% percent of students aged 12-17 have been skipping school due to bullying (Patchin). Worldwide, we can conservatively estimate that approximately 5.4 million students skip school at some point in the year due to bullying, with 530,000 students skipping multiple times. Overall, skipping school has shown its effects on children’s performance in school. Dropping out of school can affect the child’s life, as it grows up, it will face difficulty getting admission into a proper college, getting a job, and being stable. 

Furthermore, Bullying can lead to a suicide or depression and sometimes both. This happens when the children are deeply hurt and cannot stand what is happening in their life. According to a website article by hrf stated, “An increasing number of young kids are falling into a depressive state, and sadly, committing suicide as a result from this cyber bullying.” This alludes that the abuse is so severe and inescapable that they feel it is their only way out this cruelty. Based on the web statistics, 1 in 5 bullied teens think about suicide and 1 in 10 attempt it. Suicide is the number 3 killer of teens in the U.S., but as internet and tech consumption grew dramatically, so did teens suicide rates. Suicide rates in girls aged 15-19 rose 32% and 76% in girls aged 10-14. Overall, every single year about 4,500 teens end up succeeding in killing themselves. Obviously, as you can see bullying has a very big affect on children no matter the age. As bullying grows so does the number of teens killing themselves.

Even though others think that people are making too much of bullying and does not need to be stopped. Meaning that this is not such a big of a deal and others just may be overreacting for no reason and does not matter if it should be cared or not. As this is stated bullying should be taken immensely serious because even though it does not look that important but bullying just may lead to depression or even death. As this is said, bullying should be taking seriously than it looks, it should be stopped and never be continued again.

Undoubtfully, Bullying should not be done at all, through electronics, physical, or emotional abuse. It can affect most things in their life such as their academics, family, and more. Also, it puts then in a state where they could feel very lonely and unwanted, which can lead to depression and suicide. And skipping school for many reasons, especially because the victim is scared and does not want to take on bullying. According to these reasons, therefore bullying should not be done and should be taken action to stop this.


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