Canadian Identity Essay Example

Canadian Identity Essay Example
📌Category: Identity, Sociology
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📌Published: 15 March 2021

Canada is a very young country, that being said we still have dark parts of our history that tend to be pushed aside. I live a life where I have many privileges so on first thought, I may say that I am proud to be a Canadian, however, as I worked through this course and learned about Canada's history, that statement may not be entirely true anymore. During a previous course, I was told to give the definition of an average Canadian. After thinking about what that meant, I realized that we live in a country that is far too diverse to provide a blanket statement of what an average Canadian is. Canada has always presented a near-perfect image to the rest of the world, media and stereotypes try to block out all the issues that Canada has yet to resolve. One major issue that Canada still faces today is indigenous rights. When Canada was colonized we stole indigenous land. For years indigenous people have dealt with mistreatment and a struggle to keep their culture alive as original settlers tried countless times to erase the indigenous culture by using harmful methods such as residential schools. Today these people are still mistreated, they have limited access to health care, affordable food, and safe water, yet they still fall under the same label of Canadian like a person like myself. They own the land that we all live on today and have a culture completely different from the one that has taken over a great percentage of Canada. To conclude, I don’t believe I can confidently say that I am proud to be a Canadian knowing that I have so many privileges and even basic rights that others in this country don’t have access to. In comparison to other countries, I am glad that I live in Canada where I am safe to be who I want and don’t live with the fears that people in other countries do. I understand that as a privileged person I should feel thankful to live how I do and I am very grateful, however, knowing that our government can’t help out or even bring light to those who are struggling and chooses to hide the not so perfect side of Canada does not make me proud to be Canadian.

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