Cancel Culture Essay Example

Cancel Culture is detrimental to society, Cancel Culture has a disadvantage to our society because it just closes the window for people by “canceling” them instead of letting them grow from past or present mistakes. For example Jenna Marbles was a victim of Cancel Culture because of her previous uploads to Youtube which where stated as “racist and sexist videos” from her past instead of giving criticism and making her learn from her mistakes they just attack her ruthlessly by giving hate and giving less support to the point where she had no choice but to quit youtube. 

Cancel culture even goes as far as to Cancel Industries such as the Beauty Industry examples such as Laura Lee which lost half a million followers from past racist tweets, James Charels lost 3 million followers for having drama with another beauty maven and Kylie Jenner for not properly using her products. 

Even though cancel Culture has a very aggressive way to deal with its people it works efficiently and puts others in shape because they may fear the outcomes of cancel culture. Which helps prevent what happened to Jenna Marbles and Laura Lee. and The disputes from james charles and the other beauty maven which should have been handled in a proper manner instead of going back and forth online as both business owners. And as Kylie Jenner before releasing a product she should be more aware of her own products as she should have helped during the development. These examples definitely opened the eyes if its victims and others to be more cautious and smarter when it comes to thing no matter how small such as forgetting directions of a product or having racist and negative comments or tweets online everyone should be aware of what they say or post online and not just thinking about yourself and be more open minded. 

Cancel Culture is a Discouragement and ruthless to our society Which we need to work on together Cancel culture is a really powerful authority which should be put to use in a more proper and positive use and only used when necessary.


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