Capital One Bank Evaluation

Capital One Bank Evaluation
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📌Published: 14 March 2021

Online banking has become very popular nowadays. With the advancement of technology; busy schedules of hardworking citizens, online banking has become a must. After all, it’s only a click away. Anyone can participate in online banking, for it is a source practically at your fingertips. Not everyone exactly has the time to make a run to the bank to withdraw and deposit money. Those who have 9 to 5 jobs understand this struggle all too well. It’s not only the adults who use online banking, but even kids who want to store away their savings also use online banking.  Out of all online banking resources, the best online banking service to use is Capital One banking.

Capital One offers many options for online banking such as free mobile check deposits, and free checking, savings, and money market accounts. According to the Capital One website, “Mobile Deposit is a no-charge service which allows you to deposit checks into your Capital One accounts without trips to the branch or ATM.”  This is beneficial for those who don’t have time to take trips to the bank or the ATM.    Secondly, mentioned on the Capital One website, “And when you open a savings account online, you’ve got options to choose from. Whether you want to earn 5X the national average savings rate, help your kids learn the power of savings, or focus on long term savings, it’s easy to find an account that works for you”. Capital one having multiple different account options to fit what you’re saving for is advantageous. Having different account options enables you to save money to put towards the things you’re investing in. 

Capital One also includes features such as free financial assistance and personalized suggestions. According to Capital One’s “Banking Features” article, “Eno monitors your account and notifies you about unusual changes, sends you insights to help you stay on top of your money, protects your account from fraud, and provides answers to your account questions 24/7 over text”. Sometimes those banks need extra financial guidance. Eno provides that being available 24/7 on any device at your fingertips. According to the CreditWise website partnered with Capital One, “CreditWise helps you discover key factors impacting your credit score, keep up with credit report changes, and monitor your credit information for free”. Being able to get a credit monitoring service in addition to online banking would help some make better financial decisions to monitor their credit scores. 

Capital One provides easy steps to correctly use online banking. According to the article “Enroll in Online Banking”, “It’s easy to enroll in online banking. In order to get started, you will need your Capital One credit card account number, your Social Security Number or Taxpayer Identification Number, valid email address, and the 3-digit security code from the back of your credit card.” Is the account easy to use? Capital One says, “We offer easy-to-use online account tools in our top-rated mobile app. You decide when, where, and how to bank”. Lastly, Capital One says “Our app allows you to access your full credit card information from your phone, lock your card if it is misplaced or stolen, gives you instant purchase notifications, pay your bills, and deposit checks by taking a photo”.

In conclusion, Capital One is the best online banking service to use. They offer no-charge services to deposit checks and money into your account and to access all your credential info from your fingertips. Capital One also offers free financial aid such as a financial guide named Eno and a free credit guide website. On top of that, Capital One is available at your fingertips 24/7 with easy to understand steps to take in order to manage your account. In turn, you should use Capital One’s online banking service to ensure you have a safe, and secure banking experience.

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