Caring for Others Essay Example

Caring for Others Essay Example
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📌Published: 30 March 2021

From a young age, most children are taught different lessons about morals and behavior around others. One of the most important of these is unselfishness and care for others; a trait important on a societal level and individual one. Concern for others before oneself is important because it creates a more significant impact and is a greatly valued trait in society.

Care for other people for personal gain creates a larger and better impact in the world, as seen by Mother Theresa. Mother Theresa is known as one of the greatest humanitarians because of her love for the poor and other people before herself. Her actions still have a lasting effect through the inspiration it brought others and the religious foundation she started to help care for the poor and needy. While most people won’t bring change on this scale, putting other people before oneself can solve smaller-scale problems within a community or relationship. By caring for other people first, one can produce a long-lasting and more beneficial impact.

In addition to a greater impact, selflessness is an exceptional trait that is valued all over the world. The Disney version of Aladdin conveys this trait when Aladdin chooses to use his last wish to free the Genie from his bondage. This unselfish act for the good of another results in respect from other characters and a happy ending for Aladdin and the Genie.  The moral conveyed in this story teaches us that unselfish acts earn appreciation and can even bring success. As a result, selfless acts can win the esteem of others and gain for the doer. Putting other people first is an act that can achieve gratification in different ways while helping another.

It is important to have concern for others before oneself since it has a greater effect and can earn respect. Selflessness leads to a more favorable outcome than a person working for their gain. It leaves a considerable impact on people’s lives and society and can help one achieve renown or success. All benefits aside, the core of a kind action is that it helps someone in need. From great humanitarians to people who work at local food banks our society runs on the selfless acts of people and the impact they have made. The noble acts the people do are what shaped our society into what it is and it will continue to shape for the future.

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