Cats Make the Perfect Pet Essay Example

Cats Make the Perfect Pet Essay Example
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“The only, absolute and best friend that a man has, in this selfish world, the only one that will not betray or deny him, is his DOG.” 1789 King Fredrick of Prussia. Or some people might just think a man's best friend is his dog. But you never really hear anything like this about cats. That’s because most people will prefer dogs over cats. Dogs just have a better reputation than cats. But I don’t totally have the same mind on that. This is why I believe cats make much better pets than dogs. 

Cats are way easier to maintain than dogs. Cats will clean themselves meaning the owner doesn’t need to. This can save a lot of time for the owner. Dogs on the other hand need to be cleaned by someone. And bathing a dog usually takes an hour or more. Also, cats do not need to be trained to go to the bathroom. Training an animal to potty can take a very long time. With cats, you don’t need to train them to go to the bathroom. Just show them their litter box and you're good. But dogs are much different. I’m sure if you have had a dog, you definitely have needed to clean up a few messes. This is why cats are easier to maintain than dogs. 

Cats are much more affordable than dogs. Let’s take a look at a cat's yearly cost. $809.00. Seems like a lot until you look at a dog's yearly cost. Anywhere from $1,500- 9,900! That is much more than a cat's yearly cost. Now, let's look at it from a lifetime point of view. Around 12,500 for cats and an insane 20,000 or more for dogs! Another reason is dogs have a tendency to destroy their toys. This means you will have to constantly buy them more toys adding to the already expensive cost of a dog. Therefore, cats are more affordable than dogs. 

Some people might say dogs are more loyal than cats. But, according to new research, cats are just as loyal as dogs. The researchers did a test where they put a cat and an owner in an unfamiliar room for two minutes. Then, the owner left the room for two minutes. 63% of the cats show signs of secure attachment. This is when an animal or person feels stressed because their caregiver, or in this case owner, leaves. Once the two minutes were up, the owner returned and the cats became more calm. This proves cats are loyal to their owners. Just because it may seem like a cat isn’t loyal does not mean they aren’t. 

This is why I believe cats are better than dogs. They are easier to maintain and are much more affordable. So next time you are looking for a pet, consider a cat.

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