CCMA Practicum Application Essay Example

As a child, I was often prompted with the question: “Are you going to become a doctor?”. I was never asked if I wanted to become a doctor, but rather an expectation that I was perpetually faced with. Being the straight-A student with perfect attendance, combined with the stigma that all Asians want to become doctors, often induced others to assume that I wanted to pursue a career in the medical field. Despite my questioning interest in the field, the idea of becoming a doctor had always seemed natural due to expectations. Throughout middle school, doubting thoughts continually spiraled in my head such as “can I really do this?”, “do I have what it takes?”, “can I handle all the years of school?”, and continued until grade eight. 

The idea of a family member becoming ill and inspiring me had always seemed like something out of a cliche movie until it actually happened to me. My grandpa, who practically raised me, was diagnosed with Gastric Cancer when I was in eighth grade. I was utterly distraught and began to research the stages of progression. Perhaps it was denial but I was continuously learning about the illness like it was an obsession. However, I soon recognized that the topic was actually appealing to me. With my curiosity sparked, I was watching various surgeries at 3 a.m. daily. Small accomplishments such as recognizing illnesses mentioned on television or knowing the meaning of certain suffixes made me elated. Before I knew it, my interest in the medical field was no longer half-hearted but genuine. Over time, I realized that I honestly enjoy and become fascinated with medical-related topics. Entering high school and being put on the Health Science pathway aided in fully solidified my interest in the field. In a blink of an eye, I was catapulted to junior year with aspirations of becoming a Nurse Practitioner. Although I will admit that my interest in the Health Science pathway originally began due to the expectation that others had of me, my interest soon developed into an authentic infatuation with the career. 

Besides my interest in the field, I believe that I have the aptitude and qualities to become a successful medical worker. Though granted this sounds typical, I am truly a hard-worker who dreams of helping others. Whether it’s aiding one in physical healing or improving another's quality of life, I sincerely aspire to become a nurse. I admire nurses as they are the ones who interact with patients the most and must have varying qualities such as compassion, besides being dedicated. In the short term, I aim to volunteer at blood centers during the summer and gain experience in interacting with patients one-on-one. Initially, I had also hoped to volunteer at clinics, however, with COVID-19 still on the rise that is no longer an option. I hope to be accepted into the CCMA Practicum program for the 2021-2022 school year as well as work to become certified as a Pharmacy Technician on my own time outside of school. In terms of college goals, I intend to graduate with a minimum of a 4.3 GPA and attend nursing school at the University of Texas at Arlington or Texas Woman's University.

To add to my aspirations, I dream to be a Nurse Practitioner or Nurse Anesthetist in the future. Truthfully, I’m not sure which career I want to pursue. I’ve always been drawn to the position of a Nurse Practitioner as they’re able to see diverse and innumerable illnesses. On the other hand, a Nurse Anesthsist’s duties interest me greatly. However, I undoubtedly want to become a higher-level nurse of some sort. I would also like to start working once I become certified as a CCMA, assuming I’m accepted into the program, and as a Pharmacy Technician. A key aspect of the medical field is having experience and interacting with patients which I’m particularly eager for. I aim to work and gain as much experience as possible as I continue my higher education. 

My interest and aptitude for the medical field, combined with my future ambitions, compelled me to apply for the CCMA Practicum program. Albeit my enthusiasm was irresolute at first, I am now sincere and resolved to become a successful Nurse in the future. This program would tremendously benefit me in my career goals as well as aid in preparing me for pre-nursing in college. Briefly, to conclude, I believe that I would be an exceptional addition to the program and truly appreciate the opportunity.


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