CCYL Program Admission Essay

CCYL Program Admission Essay
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đź“ŚPublished: 02 May 2021

Leadership is necessary for every career and situation encountered in life. Leadership is a quality that helps everyone to be placed on the right path for proper success in what they are trying to accomplish. Leadership is only used in the right way, when the person who is the leader is allowing proper communication, keeping everyone on task, inviting all advice, and knowing what will be right for their group or whatever they are leading. 

As students in high school, it is vital to establish leadership skills so that we can ensure personal growth as well as serve as role models for peers around us. With that, when one can become a dependable leader, one can also strive to excel in other areas such as empathy, generosity, and accountability. As a result, leadership is significant in my life because if I can lead others, I can learn to lead my life in a direction of success, righteousness, dedication, as well as service towards those around me. Many people are also afraid to share input in resolving various problems that may arise throughout high school, but by practicing leadership, it becomes easier to communicate and share as well as provide solutions to conflict for a smoother transition and year for everyone. This allows for us as an individual to assist others to try their best and to conquer all the hardships they face with strength, along with helping them to set goals for ourselves.

Being a part of the CCYL Program can provide me with many positive benefits throughout life after and in high school. Groups like CCYL not only help the students gain a better understanding of finances and college, but they also help to initiate the leadership qualities and a better future for us. CCYL Program can help to become a leader with motivation and self-confidence, that will help to motivate create an environment in which others are inspired to reach a higher level of achievement and set similar goals as those who are setting a true example of what it means to cooperative and successful in life. Overall, this group can help one to lead others on the right pathway, along with the chance to assist others.

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