Changes in My Life Essay Example

Changes in My Life Essay Example
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📌Published: 08 April 2021

This year has been completely different as compared to a normal academic year. The pandemic has brought significant changes in my college experience. It was challenging to get involved around campus, but I tried my best to look for opportunities to explore campus. I plan to get involved in various activities and volunteer programs at campus to explore my journey. I study biology and aspire to become a medical professional. There will be many obstacles in my career pathway. I am excited to explore my journey with this scholarship which will help me become a better person towards the community. 

Change is the word I have aspired since my childhood. It is always challenging to stay involved with hard work and passion to bring a positive change in life. Campus provides with many interesting opportunities to bring a positive change in your body to go beyond your thoughts. You need to explore different situations to face the real life in future. I might search for opportunities for hands-on experience with the professional. Medical professionals, our first line defense for this pandemic has gone through various changes in their profession to help their community stay safe from the virus. Constant hard work and their passion towards the community motivated me to choose biology as my field of study. I see them as role models who helped me look through the situation from a different viewpoint. It is very easy to dream about becoming a doctor, but it is very hard to put that dream into efforts.

Two years ago, I decided of studying abroad. So, I moved to the States and that was the biggest change of my life. I found it challenging to stay away from my family and explore new life on earth. This change was challenging, but more exciting. It improved independent quality towards my personality. To strive for perfection, I will need this scholarship to receive better education and fulfill my dreams. I will be able to put some money into savings which will help me explore my career with low debts and stay focused towards my goal.

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