Character Changes In The Diary Of Anne Frank

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Anne gazes in the window wanting to feel the nice chilly breeze, she cannot feel. In Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett’s play The Diary of Anne Frank, Anne shares a house with eight other jews that are hiding from the Nazis, that are trying to take them to concentration camp. In the beginning of the play, Anne is  immature,  playful, annoying, and moody. She became more and more mature as the play proceeded.

In the beginning of The Diary of Anne Frank, the character Anne is immature, moody, and doesn't take stuff seriously, especially the situation she is in. Anne looks around for a pencil to write in her new diary Mr. Frank has gifted her: “Pencil, pencil, pencil. I’m going down to the office to get a pencil.”(1.2.460-480) This reveals how Anne, without consideration, tries to go down in the office where it's not safe. The office and anywhere else besides the upstairs is safe, there is a chance that there would be a person in the office and the person will most likely call the police, then everyone will get caught and be sent to a jewish camp. If anyone sees Anne they will know people are hiding in the building. Anne doesn't think before she does something, if she thought before her actions she would be more aware that the situation she's in, is deadly and not all fun and games. Anne tends to be outrageously irksome to the people that surround her, by her screaming, midnight, while everyone tries to sleep. 

Anne matured progressively throughout the story. Each day Anne becomes more knowledgeable about the situation they are in. Anne starts talking to Peter about nature which leads to them talking about how they are stuck in the building seaking for a fresh breeze. “I know it’s terrible, trying to have faith when people are doing such horrible things. But you know what I still believe, in spite of everything, that people are really good at heart.“(1. 4.1245-1252) Anne saying that really shows how much she has grown because she has learned to forgive others not for them but for her.  It takes a lot to forgive someone who did you wrong. Most adults can’t do that. You might want to know what changed her? Being in that scenario has changed the way she sees life. The feeling that Anne gives the reader while saying that, makes the reader feel like there is a deeper meaning. 

During Anne‘s time in the Secret Annex, hiding has led her to her personality to change as time goes on. Anne becomes more knowledgeable and less oblivious to the situation. Earlier in the play she was oblivious to what's going on, and she changed for the better. It is actually really sad that Anne and the rest of the jews that hid in the house, have gotten caught and sent to a concentration camp where Anne later dies at the a young age, 15.


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