Choices in The Giver by Lois Lowry

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  • Published: 19 May 2021
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Gray shirts, tight braids, feelings shared, time slipping, peace, but the pain is faced. Memories flying and grief are striking. The book The Giver tells  a story about a utopia and dystopia community that has a strange perspective about the world. This book discovers and proves a common theme in books which is how individual choices impact the community. The author did not only prove that, but she honestly made me understand why. I believe that the author, Lois Lowry, showed how choices people make can  have positive impacts, negative and no impacts which can be proved by the choices and actions of Jonas and other characters in the book, The Giver. 

In the book, The Giver the author showed how personal choices and decisions can impact the community along with the world. The author forced the reader to wonder about how decisions are made and how and who they can impact. The way she forced us to think about that by showing how small decisions can create change. For example, the choice to lie is a choice that is faced by many people daily but when Jonas decided to lie it dramatized the lie and what happened after. For example, in the text .. “ ‘’Do you understand why it’s inappropriate to use a word like love’’ mother asked. Jonas nodded … That was his first lie to his parents''. As you can tell, it dramlized that issue. In the next couple of chapters of the story it's then shows how this small lie impacted his relationship with his parents which then impacted his trust and then led him to watching the release of the twin. Overall it was then one of the causes to his escape and his escape most significantly impacted the community. This book showed me a lot of these tiny lies that caused  change and pain to the community. This allows me to connect this to the world and school problems.To explain, lies such as  in the government or even to each other can cause massive fights and confusion which can impact the citizens or schoolmates daily life. This all happens because of an individual decision. In turn this  connects to the topic of how choices people make can  have positive impacts as well as negative and no impacts on the community . 

 In the book, The Giver the author showed how personal choices and decisions can impact the community. The author did that by building tension and creating change when a decision is made. To explain, she showed drastic differences in the townspeople's lives as choices are made which forces tension in the book. For example, we make choices every single day in our life and one way or another most choices have an impact on our community. Such as the choice to buy a sandwich from a local restaurant. It  may not look important but the money will help the restaurant which then can be used to help the community grow. An example of this in the text is, “ Jonas reached the opposite side of the river, stopped briefly, and looked back. The community where his entire life had been lived lay behind him now, sleeping”. This is basically saying that he left the community and that he is on his journey to “elsewhere”. This supports the claim because his choice then led to the community to  receive his memories which creates positive  change.  To speak clearer, his choice led to positive disruptive changes that changed the society for generations to come in a positive way. To speak clearer, everybody can choose how to handle choices and what to choose. Jonas did not have to choose to escape but he did. There might be driving reasons but he has the power to finalize his decision. A perfect example of this is like 9/11 and World war 1. To explain,  adults had choices not to kill and not to bring drustrustion. But, they made the choice which brought a negative and harmful change.  In the end, both the book and the real world examples were brought on by a person making a decision and changing them and the world. 

In conclusion, the author did an exquisite  job of showing how choices big and small can make or  break  a society. In a world where choices are made so quickly and so frequently we live in a society where most choices impact our community afterall. Just like our world the author Lois Lowry, crafted a world where decisions are important and transformative. The author did this by creating drastic differences as choices are made which forces tension in the book.  Lois Lowery also did this by forcing the reader to wonder about how their own decisions are made and how and who they can impact. Overall, the book was a crucial reality for our world. With the author's help, citizens and people of this world will hopefully think twice while making decisions.  In the end, the author provided evidence that choices we make impact the community in positive and negative ways.


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