Christian Counseling Essay Example

Counseling and Christianity intermingle in the lives of human beings. Through understanding psychology, how the human mental state works, people may go and help others knowing the work God put into us. God made humans out of dirt and breathed life into us, making our mental and emotional states come to being. However, the peaceful and calm mental health of humanity did not last long and was soon tainted.

Human suffering started with the first sin and spread through the soul. Adam and Eve’s sin caused the soul God graciously gave us to become corrupt. The corruption of the soul meant anyone coming from the human lineage would experience the soul tainting sins by nature – no amount of good deeds would fix the sin that passed onto them. This sinful nature results in suffering and pain; as sinful beings, suffering becomes a byproduct of the tainted soul. Humans cave to their sinful nature and continue to experience this throughout their lives in an endless cycle. The cycle involves being born into the sinful world, experiencing trauma or suffering, and continuing to find help to end the suffering.

I believe humans heal from stressors, trauma, and sin through spiritual reconciliation and the use of medical or emotional support. Due to the fall, humans have a void in their soul that was taken away through sin – and many people believe that to fill this void they must find the ideal solution for them. Typically, these solutions involve drugs, bad relationships, or many other and unhealthy factors. The true solution to the problem involves the reconciliation with God through Jesus Christ. Through faith and trust in Him alone allows humans to fill the gap many spend their life seeking and start the healing process with God. However, many individuals who don’t know the good news of Christ — or even if they find the truth and believe — struggle with understanding how to escape from the rut of sin. At this point, this is where medical and emotional support becomes extremely crucial. Medication may be a step to help individuals in their journey. Taking medication to help overcome trauma and suffering does not equal a sign of weakness; taking medication means that a person truly seeks a way to make themselves better. Counseling also allows individuals to speak and understand their minds and souls in a way that makes sense to them. The sessions with the counselor allow individuals to heal from traumas regardless of the gospel; unsaved people may be freed of past trauma yet have a void caused by not knowing the Lord.

The role of the counselor throughout this journey involves helping individuals through their trauma while being professional beings. To be a good counselor, it involves being human; the more human a person shows during counseling, the more genuine the conversation. Counselors may help clients by relating and connecting through their testimonies to help them understand that others struggle as well; however, the main role of the counselor involves communicating and active listening to the client’s needs. Overall, the role of therapists or counselors involves helping people learn and grow in their minds rather than telling them what to do or to think.

Throughout the understanding of psychology, we can see how psychology and Christianity play a key role in lives. Through understanding that suffering is a void in the soul caused through sin. Humans can comprehend and understand that healing may start by knowing God and open to receiving help from others as Christ has helped us.


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