City Life Vs Country Life Essay Example

City Life Vs Country Life Essay Example
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📌Published: 28 March 2021

“In country villages live more cows than habitants”, this is what many City habitants say about smaller Villages. Often, they get called “Farmer'' or other names that definitely do not refer to every villager. But also, the other way round, Villagers call urbans “gourmet”. But now there is the question, what is better, to live in a big city or in the countryside?

On the one hand side living in the city has many practical aspects. Especially in big cities, it's easier to go shopping like groceries or even clothes. The benefit is for example if you want to bake a cake but you are missing important ingredients, you have the opportunity to go to the grocery store down the street to just buy these missing ingredients, furthermore you did not waste a lot of your time.

On the other hand, in the countryside, you really get to know your neighbors. In small villages you do not live with that many people so you always have the chance to get to know everyone. That is a perfect environment especially for children to get to know new friends. They can meet more easily and the parents know where their kid is going.

Besides, countries have a beautiful landscape, a better environment and it is quieter than in cities. Above all, it is better for families with children. The children do not get to know the traffic and all the exhaust gas. According to that, the country's landscapes are lovely. That is perfect for the children to play and further the parents do not have to worry about their children get hit by a car.

In conclusion, I think it is good for younger people like students to live in big towns because they need access to stores, especially practical when you are not able to afford a car. But otherwise, it is better for families with children to live in smaller countries so the children are able to have more freedom. So, it mostly depends on your age class, where it is best for you to live.

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