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  • Published: 15 May 2021
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Did you know that the first public library in Canada was Halifax’s Citizens Free Library in 1864? There are many interesting reasons as to why someone would want to move to Halifax, but I will be focusing on three reasons why I would like to move there in the future. 

Lifestyle, a very important factor that is unique and different to everyone. Some people prefer a fast-pace, go-go environment and some people like a slower-pace, more easy-going environment. Personally I like something in between, Halifax is a city with a population of 414,777 people, compared to Toronto that’s quite small. Living in Halifax gives me the option to be in a city but have a slower-pace life, which is something that appeals to me. The climate in Halifax would have to be one of my favourite things about the city, the summers are fairly mild and the winters are cold! But fortunately that’s just what I like. There are many beaches in and around Halifax, and who doesn’t like a good beach? Some beaches around Halifax that I’d like to visit are Lawrencetown Beach Provincial Park, Conrads Beach and Crystal Crescent Provincial Park. Wouldn’t it be nice to be close to beaches and hiking trails? Halifax has a wide variety of outdoors activities including outdoor musical festivals, skating, boating, hiking & walking trails and much more. There’s about ten hiking trails that are within thirty minutes of downtown Halifax, some that look nice to me are Duncan’s Cove, Polly’s Cove and Susies Lake hiking trail. 

I think it’s fair to say that most people in Toronto are aware of how expensive it is to buy or rent here, especially if you want something near downtown. In Halifax, the average cost of a home outside of downtown is around $433,308. However, in Toronto, it’s about $927,700. That’s quite a big difference! So I would have the option to live in the city centre of Halifax or slightly outside of the city centre, both of those options are still much cheaper than trying to buy or rent in Toronto or most other capital cities in Canada. Even if I decided that I would want to invest in a house instead of an apartment or condo, it’s much more likely that I would be able to afford one in Halifax compared to Toronto or other capital cities.The housing opportunities in Halifax would allow me to have more options than most cities in Canada, options like, what neighbourhoods in Halifax I’d want to live in, whether I’d want to rent or buy, whether I live in a apartment or house and much more freedom with my living situation. 

Trying to become more eco friendly is something very important to me and I would like to incorporate it more into my lifestyle. Big cities are significant contributors to climate change, they consume 78% of the world’s energy and produce more than 60% of greenhouse gas emissions. While some major cities around the world aren’t doing much to become more sustainable or eco friendly, Halifax has a long-term plan to address climate change called HalifACT. HalifACT is a commitment to reducing emissions and using clean and reliable energy sources! Because Halifax is less densely populated than other big cities around the world, they aren’t contributing as much to climate change.

In conclusion, Halifax is a city that would give me opportunities and options that I wouldn’t have in other places in Canada. I would be able to have an affordable lifestyle, access to plenty of outdoor activities and it would be easier for me to live an eco friendly life.


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