College Essay Sample On Social Anxiety

College Essay Sample On Social Anxiety
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📌Published: 17 April 2021

Social Anxiety and introversion have long been part of my life. From struggling to speak up in my classes to struggling to even converse with my relatives, it eventually became so serious that I had a hard time speaking at all. It was because of this that I often got forgotten or looked over when it came to my education. Searching relentlessly for something to help me, my Mom eventually came across a local Martial Arts class. This is when things began to take a turn for the better. 

In October 2010 I attended my first ever Tae Kwon Do class. Walking into the gym I was confronted by an older man who explained that his name was Master McBroom. This man terrified me and I immediately began to cry. The following weeks were much the same. I despise my Mom for making me take such an awful class. Hated the class so much that I began to try and find any excuse possible to get out of it. It eventually became so serious that my Mom was forced to join so I would be forced to continue with the class. Slowly I began to memorize the moves I needed to make and it became less scary. However, just when I felt as if it was getting better I was told that in order to test I needed to break through a solid board made from pine. Once again, I broke down into tears. I just could not cope with the thought that my fragile foot would be able to smash through something that houses are built from. Time and time again my Mom and Master McBroom attempted to make me realize that the board was harmless. However, none of their tactics seemed to fix my fear. Every time I was forced to go up to break the board I broke down into a mess of tears and snot. In my mind, there was no way that I would ever be able to continue up the ranks.

Finally, after two months of tears and dread, I was able to visit the main dojo in Des Moines to test in front of a board of instructors. That morning my Mom had to physically drag me out of the house and into the car. I cried the entire way to Des Moines. When we arrived she was forced to drag me out of the car, bawling and screaming. Once inside I immediately quieted down and retreated into myself, tears still streaming down my face. My Mom and I, along with the other white belts, were ushered onto the floor and lined up in rows.

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