College of Communication at The University of Texas Admission Essay

College of Communication at The University of Texas Admission Essay
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📌Published: 12 April 2021

Admittedly, I did not present myself in the most accurate way when I applied to The University of Texas in the fall, so I am thankful for another opportunity to show how strong of a leader and teacher I am, how well I communicate with others in a team environment, and how much of a hard worker I am in academics, athletics, work, and service. The recent compelling reasons I hope the Admissions Committee will consider about me include: Improved grades this past semester, a challenging role as Spirit Officer for my cheer team during this pandemic, Bible Study leader for young teenage girls, and an assistant for social media at a local clothing store. Additionally, I have secured employment opportunities for this summer at a gym and at a wellness studio. At both jobs, I would be responsible for impeccable customer service, communication about scheduling and billing, and instruction in health and exercise. The extenuating circumstance our family faced in the fall is that my mom lost her job as a retail market manager because of coronavirus restrictions. This strained our family financially and put additional pressure on me as the only child at home since my two older brothers are in college. My desires to be accepted into the College of Communications as an undeclared major are now stronger than ever, and I believe my skill sets will allow me to excel in the field of communications at any corporation, non-profit, fitness studio, or even in the hospitality industry. 

My grades were all in the nineties this last semester, with the exception of the eighty-eight I received in a history class. I managed online school, work, and the role of Spirit Officer for my entire cheerleading squad of nearly 80 members. Being a spirit leader means I must help everyone stay positive throughout the season, which has become increasingly difficult with all of the constant changes. Our cheer competitions have all been delayed, but football season was extended and our football team ended up winning a back-to-back 6A state championship title. We enthusiastically were allowed to cheer them on in pod groups at Dallas Cowboys Stadium. The Bible Study I started to lead in the fall was a highlight for me, mainly because I truly believe leading younger girls is one of the callings on my life. These girls are in the middle of high school drama, and it feels good to guide them while I'm nearing the end of those hard times. My work over the past few months helping promote clothing for a local retailer through social media was also important, especially since many Austin stores are struggling during this pandemic. I sincerely hope the UT Appeals Committee reconsiders me for placement in the College of Communications so I can continue being an enthusiastic role model for those around me, and also so I can share my unique abilities to encourage others during dark times with the belief and hope that circumstances can always be improved. 

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