Colleges and Universities are Inflating Tuition price

Colleges and Universities are Inflating Tuition price
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📌Published: 12 March 2021

Have you ever wondered about your future, how the future of education will be? Well what if I told you that the tuition cost of Colleges and Universities are inflating all over America. This means that the prices of tuition are going up.  Prices have nearly doubled since the 1980's for public and private  colleges. Well you might be thinking that you're just a kid and you have a while until you go to college and that some change is likely to occur; but what if I told you that you are wrong. This is the wrong mentality to be having right now because in the mere decades tuition prices can triple or double what they usually are. Studies show that the prices are constantly going up and there has not been a single decline in the graph and starting in the 1980’s the graph keeps going. With these prices going up kids cannot make the payment and they could be facing a lot of debt in the future. 

It’s tragic that we live in a capitalistic society in which college is a business. Students are working three jobs a day and attending school full-time only to graduate with a $100K-plus debt waiting for them beyond the gates of graduation. This is not the purpose of Education, the purpose of education isn’t to make a business or profit, it's to help lead the new generation and nation of our country. It wasn’t always like this, however. There was a time in which the sole purpose of a college was to provide an education. But as part of the status quo, today these institutions are now digging into parents’ and students’ cash-strapped wallets to put endless amounts of money into the hands of college CEOs. 

A college education will make or break you. In order to get a job that can allow you to survive, you must have a college education. Even at that, you aren’t guaranteed a job after graduation — a college degree is a gamble in which you have everything to lose, and potentially nothing to gain. Now think about this they are increasing the price because they want to make money and make a profit and by doing so they just take money from families.

Now lets see some statistics of the increasing price of college and university tuition. During the 1978- !979 school year, it cost the modern equivalent of $17,680 per year to attend a private college and $8,250 per year to attend a public college. By the 2008 - 2009 school year those costs had grown to $38,720 at private colleges and $16,460 at public colleges.Today, those costs are closer to $48,510 and $21,370, respectively. That means costs increased by roughly 25.3% at private colleges and about 29.8% at public colleges. There are almost about 45 million Americans who are in debt because of these elevated and towering prices. Over the last two decades, prices in higher education have grown more quickly than prices in almost any other sector of the economy.

Many famous people come to support the movement of reducing college tuition and some of these people include presidents and state officials. State Senator Bernie Sanders has been making a movement on this cause and he has been making quotes off this topic. One quote of Bernie Sanders is "Education should be a right, not a privilege. We need a revolution in the way that the United States funds higher education." ~ Bernie Sanders. This shows that Education is not a privilege that should be paid for it should be a right that American has so they end in debt and speaking of debt U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren also has a impact because she made the quote"College students today are drowning in debt, and it is hurting them and hurting our economy. We must find a way to help families pay for college without condemning them to a lifetime of indebtedness." ~ Elizabeth Warren. Many Democratic Officials are agreeing on this topic including 44th President Barack Obama.

My call to action is that us as a nation can create a movement to abolish these insanely high tuition prices. We are supported by state officials, families, students, presidents, governors, and many other people who want to put an end to these prices. The analytics show that in the future tuition prices will keep on increasing and the prices could triple from what they are now. So if we don’t do anything about this crisis soon the economy of America could fall. Kids in college and kids going to college don’t want to face endless debt in their future because of the prices right now. These prices are hurting our nation just as State Senator Elizabeth Warren said. College is expensive. This is a fact that we all know to be true, but it’s hard to fully grasp until we begin paying off student loans. Even then, we see debt as an individual concern when in reality, it is so much bigger than we can even imagine. Thank you for listening and I hope you learned something today about corrupt prices of college.


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