Communication Between Different Cultures

Communication Between Different Cultures
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📌Published: 31 March 2021

Communicating with people from other nations or countries is important for everyone, to have knowledge and appreciate one's culture and language and build up relationships towards them. It is significant for us to be aware and have a perspective on their behaviours and  doings that are different from us, and to welcome and respect those differences or conflict between us.

Living in this separated country that possesses different kinds of culture and language, can cause misinterpretation and confusion. For instance, talking to people abroad might turn us to embarrassment and discomfort when we do not have information about the cultures and languages they have. So, communication is the key to end these confusions and judgement and have an intelligence and consciousness on what we don't know from them.

Furthermore, communicating with people from other nation/ country gives us connectivity, creativity, harmony and  unity from one another.

On the other hand, communication may turn into chaos when confusion and conflict arose. Especially when you were trying hard to grasp their cultures and language turned to misinterpret and mistook for the things unintended, they can mislead you for being offensive and rude to them that can overcomplicate things over your communications. We also tend to imitate their fashions, practices and behaviours, that can influence our own, particularly in our culture and language and might be disregarded. Lastly, It is unnecessary to communicate with people from another country when you are not obliged to, for it is time-consuming and absurd. Mostly, when you don't have an understanding towards them and to avoid racism, conflict and false insight towards them.

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