Compare and Contrast Dump and How things Work

Compare and Contrast Dump and How things Work
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Did you know, the average American household debt has increased by more than $7,500? According to “Times record news” this year, nearly half of citizens say they needed a second stimulus check to simply pay the bills. The poem “Dump” written by X.J. Kennedy, is about consumerism and reveals how we consume and then we throw away. Similar to “Dump”, the poem “How things Work” written by Gary Soto is about consumerism and reveals how the money we spend will affect other things. The poems “Dump” and “How things Work” have similarities, an example would be how they both show signs of a sarcastic tone and both are relating to consumerism. They also have many differences like the format of the poem, like how “Dump” is fixed form and“How things Work” is a free verse. Also, the theme of the poems is different although they’re both about consumerism both of them have different meanings about the topic poems.

To begin, The poem “Dump” and the poem “How things Work” share many similarities. For instance, both of the poems are written about what consumerism is, and how it affects the world. Furthermore, both poems also have dry and sarcastic humor them which makes them feel connected in some way. In the poem “Dump” it states,” Roof shingles bought on sale that rotted on their roof,” and in the poem “How things Work” it says “You buy bread from a grocery, a bag of apples from a fruit stand.” This is why I think both of them are talking about consumerism. Also in “Dump”, it states, “The acrid smell of trash arises like perfume.” And in “How things Work” it states, “Tickets to a movie which is laughter is thrown into their faces.” I would consider this evidence that both authors are being sarcastic. Therefore this is how the poem “Dump” and “How things Work” share many likenesses.

On the other hand, while there are many similarities between “Dump and “How things Work” they also have many differences. For example, the form in the poems is different, “Dump” is a fixed form while “How things Work” is a free verse. So both of them have a different atmosphere, a free verse feels more like a conversation, and a fixed form seems more proper and formal. Moreover, Their themes are also different, in “Dump” the theme is that we consume to throw away, and in “How things Work” the theme is the money we spend affects other things. In the text “Dump”, there are 4 lines * stanzas and in “How things Work” it has 0 stanzas and 19 lines which means both of them have a different text structure. In “Dump”, it states “Painting eternally stale that hung remained aloof,”  I think that this gives the meaning of the theme on how we buy so much stuff,  also in “How things Work” it states “If we buy crayons, someone walks home with a broom.” and I think this contributes to the theme. Therefore both poems have many similarities and differences.

In conclusion, there are a plethora of similarities and differences between “Dump” and “How things Work.” Some of the many similarities between both poems are the sarcastic tone and the main topic of consumerism. On the other hand, the poems also have many differences. For example, the themes and the format are different in each poem. Ultimately, both poems are good representations of consumerism and you should read them to see which one fits your liking better.

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