Compare and Contrast Essay on Robots and Humans

Compare and Contrast Essay on Robots and Humans
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📌Published: 12 April 2021

Stephen Hawking ounce said "AI is likely to be either the best or worst thing to happen to humanity.” The first modern robot was made in the 1950s by George C. Devol who was an inventor from Louisville, Kentucky. The earliest robot ever made was called the Unimate. The Unimate was a mechanic arm that could execute simple tasks over and over again. These mechanic arms were especially beneficent to car mechanics when  working on cars. There are many things robots can do that humans can’t, but humans can also do things that robots can’t. I am not a robot because I have emotions and I have the ability to learn. 

Humans are different from robots in many ways but two of which include our ability to have emotions and our ability to learn. Humans have emotions when on the other hand, robots can’t feel. When someone makes fun of me or hurts my feelings, I get hurt. I feel sad and sometimes mad. When someone gives me a compliment or makes me feel good about myself, I begin to feel happy. This is something that a robot can’t experience. When my friends compliment me and say “That outfit is cute” or “You look pretty today”, it makes me feel better about myself and it helps me gain confidence in myself unlike when a bully makes fun of me for having acne which makes me lose confidence. If someone were to insult a robot, the robot would have no reaction which is different than my reaction of happiness or sadness. Therefore, I am not a robot. Another reason that makes me different from robots is that I have the ability to learn. I can go to school and learn new things that I haven’t heard of before. Not only can I learn from school and from my parents, but I can also learn from my errors. When I make an error or do something wrong I can see what I did wrong and learn from it. With robots they are programmed to know everything so they can’t learn since they already know everything there is to know. I think it’s important to learn because it helps us grow and prevents us from making future errors. This makes me different from a robot because I can learn and grow and robots already know everything. To concur my point, I am not a robot because I can have emotions and learn in different ways. 

Humans and robots can have many things in common. One thing that they have in common is that they can both help people. However this does not make me a robot. The way I can help people is different than how a robot can help people. I can help people by giving them advice or if someone needs help getting somewhere I can give them directions. But sometimes I might not know the answer. On the other hand a robot will always know the answer. You can get help from a robot or AI but going on your phone and searching something up and you will have your answer in seconds. For humans it might take them a minute to think of the answer or they might not even know the answer. Therefore I am not a robot. 

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