Comparing And Contrasting The Black Ferris and All Summer in a Day

Comparing And Contrasting The Black Ferris and All Summer in a Day
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📌Published: 11 April 2021

“The Black Ferris,'' and “All Summer in a Day” are very similar stories, but they are also extremely different.  They each have their own unique components and differences. 

When I read “The Black Ferris,'' it gave me a mysterious vibe. As I read about the ferris wheel, and the man who changed age, I felt like it was a mystery book, even though the genre is science fiction. In the story, All Summer in a Day,” I immediately knew that the genre was science fiction, because it had futuristic elements. For example, people living on Venus, and the sun coming out every seven years seems very unlikely, and something you would find in a science fiction book. The setting of both stories are both completely different. The setting of “All Summer in a Day,” is in Venus. When you think of people living on Venus, you think science, or about the future.  The way the story describes the setting sounded very modern, with the sun coming out once or twice per decade. 

The Black Ferris didn't really tell us the specific setting, but it sounds like it could be in any midwestern town. The way the author describes the setting makes it seem like it is a mix of future and past. Nowadays, we don’t have that many ferris wheels or carnivals that come to our town,  but there are a lot of suspicious things that happen, just like in the setting. These stories have their differences!

Although both stories seem completely different, they are very similar to! Both of the stories have a similar mood to them. In The Black Ferris, the mood of the story is dark, and gloomy. The text said,”Under the giant chestnut trees, next to the ravine, the lights were burning in Mrs. Foley’s white

mansion.  Piano music tinkled.  Within the warm windows, people moved. Outside, it began to rain, despondently, irrevocably, forever and ever.” This shows that the mood in the story is depressing. When you look outside and see heavy rain, you become sadder than you were before. The mood in All Summer in a Day is the same. The text said,” The sky darkened into midnight in a flash. They stood in the doorway of the underground for a moment until it was raining hard. Then they closed the door and heard the gigantic sound of the rain falling in tons and avalanches, everywhere and forever.” Just like in the other story, the rain gives off a gloomy feeling. Both stories also use a lot of descriptive language. In The Black Ferris, the text said,” The carnival had come to town like an October wind, like a dark bat flying over the cold lake, bones rattling in the night, mourning signing, whispering up the tent in the dark rain.” This is just one example of a lot of descriptive language from the story. In All Summer in a Day, the same is true. The text said,”I think the sun is a flower,That blooms for just one hour.” That is another example of descriptive language. These two stories are very similar. 

In conclusion, both stories have similarities and differences. Their similarities and differences make each story unique.

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