Compassion And Kindness So Important In Our Lives

Compassion And Kindness So Important In Our Lives
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Compassion and kindness are two things that everyone knows. But not in the workplace and not really in school either. This dilemma has caused many in academia and the workforce to experience more depression, laziness, and mental health struggles show less humanity to one another. Within this dichotomy of wanting to show more compassion and kindness or obey the norms of academia and the workforce where stress and prioritizing work over oneself is common. Thus, the pandemic causes this work and life balance to overlap, and intersecting people are becoming more overwhelmed. It seems that compassion and kindness can influence job satisfaction and workplace management in which employee you should apply these.

Kindness is needed especially in the pandemic it’s taking a toll on everyone. Specifically, students and workers, due to it being emotionally taxing as well as heightening many other struggles. In the article “Practicing compassion increases happiness and self-esteem “by Myriam Mongrain they concluded in their study that practicing compassion and kindness has a long-term positive effect on participants. Which can contribute towards everybody in the workplace having better performance and overall employee satisfaction. And from this higher employee satisfaction in a manner in which the employees are more likely to offer their skill set as well as having higher productivity because of feeling more encouraged due to the positive reinforcement by their workplace. As well as students not feeling as stressed because of having support whether it is emotional, mental, or physical primarily in the pandemic due to having little to no outlets to express how they may feel in their lives because of not being able to socialize which is affecting everyone. 

While compassion may be something that is overlooked in the professional world because of workers not seeing it as valuable to their job it is especially in a dire situation like the pandemic. In the source “Analysis of compassion in accounting and business students overall by gender” by Michelle Hannah the author's result from the study shows a significant difference in levels of compassion between male and female students. This is very startling due to student's views having an impact on their further pursuits and careers. The difference between the students’ can be translated in company policies and how they tend to overlook workers' sick leave, parental leave, and vacation time seeing it as a waste of time rather than them prioritizing their health that'll help them in the future. Furthermore, perpetrating selfishness in the workplace may decrease wanting to collaborate because one the other participants showing much more compassion than themselves. Due to compassion being a human emotion it should be implied that showing it to others would help more in someone’s career than not all. Currently, in the upcoming workforce, there is this mindset in some people that compassion and emotions will not help anyone and anyone and has no ties with making lives better. Like employees' students are becoming less compassionate as time progresses given, they are using technology more than ever in these circumstances.  

Subsequently, kindness is seen as secondary to a task in the workforce. Kindness is often not as expressed due to workers being overly stressed in which this stress causes them to quit, go to the doctor more often, and overall be a worse person. In this editorial “Acts of kindness reduce depression in individuals low on agreeableness.” By Myriam Mongrain, the writer conducted and overviewed a study on how acts of kindness and compassion interventions lower depression in which the results were decreasing when acts of kindness were introduced over a period. From this study, it can be insinuated that kindness and compassion would help everyone in the pandemic primarily students, and with it can help lessen employee turnover rates and overall work performance. 

As a result of kindness, some underlying issues are employees feeling as though kindness may be constantly needed from them by their co-workers and others which may increase resentment between them and the other party. Although employees may feel that students may feel similarly to workers due to having similar schedules and most likely staying at home where few may avoid doing work because of procrastination. Moreover, some students and workers may take advantage of kindness to their schooling or employment besides them not needing to. Following some students and workers may not reach the expectations given to them by others and be taken advantage of by their co-workers or peers. And develop a constant need for the kindness that can’t we meet in the manner they would like it to. 

For all, we may know kindness and compassion while it may be two traits that are not seen that often in academia and the workforce are extremely valuable traits to have. Overall, the extent of hardship people going through right now has never been seen before in the modern era. Whether it may be students, workers, or a CEO there will always be someone who would need an extra bit of kindness or compassion.

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