Competition is Necessary for Success Essay Example

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  • Published: 10 May 2021
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Competition is a rivalry between two or more parties who strive for a common goal that ends in one’s gain and another's loss. Within a competition there is no failure or disappointment, there is a sense of discovering how much you are capable of accomplishing. Competition is necessary for success because it empowers one to strive for their goals and evolves an individual to a higher level of themselves. 

A competition requires one to work hard to achieve a goal they wholeheartedly desire, which can lead them to accomplish internal benchmarks. For instance, Michal Jordan faced competition during High school in his basketball team when they kicked him out of the team but today he is viewed as an admirable athlete. A competition teaches one to view ups and downs and discover how we can improve to achieve our endeavors. In particular within goal setting an individual can understand what they value in their lives and guide focus within one's pursuit for success. A competition sends an ambitious incentive to accomplish one's purpose which is an essential part of success. 

Subsequently, competition can lead an individual to learn from personal experience to become a higher version of themselves. For example, in the Hunger Games Katniss competes and goes through a series of inner challenges that results in her becoming stronger and compassionate. When you are struggling you have to push through obstacles whether internal or external and within these obstacles, you challenge yourself to improve. Furthermore, a challenge prompts a growth mindset in our character to want to become something beyond than we already are. To be successful you will face challenges and recognize everyday life skills for our personal growth.  

Some may argue competition produces a tense stigma to failure, conversely, this argument fails to recognize the persevering effort competition places on an individual to strive for their aspirations and gratification within hard work towards them. Competition is necessary to become successful because it teaches the landscape of goal setting and personally develops resilience. It acknowledges the exploration of one's personal goals and the interpretation of failure. 


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