Confucius’s virtues Research paper

Confucius’s virtues Research paper
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📌Published: 13 March 2021

Confucius believed that music should be used to educate. It was meant to show the qualities of moderation and harmony. Like his virtues of social and political life. Certain aspects of music were avoided, like the ability to induce excited states of emotion. 

Li- is the proper attitude towards conduct. 

Jen- is the ideal relationship that should exist between people.

Te-moral example rather than the physical strength or might. 

Wen- the arts are a form of moral education. 

Confucius beliefs the main way to become a person of moral quality is through cultivation of five main Confucian virtues:

Humaneness- compassion, benevolence 

Righteousness- justice, and morally right

Ritual propriety- the proper customs in social rituals and expectations

Knowledge- understanding and familiarity with truth, facts, and principles.

Integrity- adhering to moral character, and honesty. 

Confucian virtue ethics ‘’The only purpose a man can have and the only worthwhile thing a man can do is to become as good as man as possible.” Ren: acting kindly towards others and being kind hearted. 

Benevolence is the first and most important virtue among them. It focuses on the inner mind in love and compassion for the people and to avoid harm and hate toward others.

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