Congress Speech Example - Reforming of Surry Medical Center, VA

Congress Speech Example - Reforming of Surry Medical Center, VA
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📌Published: 14 March 2021

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen, fellow senators, and any other listeners that give me their ear, thank you for having me today. The motion that’s for discussion today is the reforming of Surry Medical Center, VA. Before I speak on my subject today, let me inform you some about myself, and where I come from. My name is Elizabeth Hobbs, and I have been in congress for 2 years. I have always wanted to make an impact on people, and give them something that will benefit them. I have lived in Virginia for all of my life, and I agree that some areas are more run-down than others, and do not have any businesses, or even medical institutions. Through my years of living in Virginia before becoming a congressman, I have done many community service projects that have brought the liveliness back to Virginia! With this piece of legislation that I am about to offer, it will change many factors, which I will mention soon.”

“Surry, Virginia, is a very small county with few persons compared to cities in Virginia. Surry is a very rural area, with ages and jobs ranging greatly. If you have not noticed, Surry does not have that many medical institutions, and people have to drive great measures to get somewhere if they have a real emergency. If they want to go north, the closest hospital is about 60 miles away, if they want to go east, the closest hospital is about 40 miles away at Sentara BelleHarbour. I plan on my legislation being an emergency room, because it will benefit people in the area if they have an extreme emergency, it will benefit people to not have to drive around 50 miles to and from, and it will brighten the area a little more, with more security.”

“With the idea of a better and more lively town, you probably think of a police department, or a hospital, and even some stores nearby. My bill will consist of tearing down Surry Medical Center in Virginia, and replacing it with an emergency room. Surry Medical Center is a run-down, and a malpractice place. It has always had bad reviews, and many people have torn away their insurance with them, which in result, they have to drive a greater number of miles than they should. With my legislation, I will create an amazing new hospital, with thriving, smiling faces behind masks, with an urgency to help everyone. This will take several months, but I will make it happen with the right contracting team. To compensate for missed doctor's visits, since the medical institution will be closed down, we will reimburse your miles traveled for doctors visits.”

“Now goes to the part on the funding of the hospital. Most funding of hospitals rely solely on federal tax revenues, and Medicare or Medicaid. There is no doubt that we have to raise taxes in that area. The current standing federal tax percent lies at about 37 percent. If we raise that to 40 percent just for the time being of our contracting team building the hospital, that will provide us great measures to get this work done. Now, let’s take a look at the Medicare tax rate just for 2021, it lies at a steady 1.45 percent. If we raise that to 3 percent, for the wealthy top 10 percent, we will reach our goal by 2022, for having a full staff, paid off equipment, and happy patients.”

“Some people might take a blind eye towards my bill, but that is because they might not understand the taxes they are paying is going towards something that will benefit the whole town. Wouldn’t you feel amazing with your taxes going up just a little, but the whole town has safety and security at the tip of their finger?


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