Cori Bush Biography Essay

Cori Bush Biography Essay
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đź“ŚPublished: 12 April 2021

In 2018; Cori Anika Bush, now formally known as Congresswoman Cori Bush launched a campaign against Democratic representative Lacy Clay in Missouri's 1st congressional district. This being a very crucial campaign for change in the first district where violence, drugs, and poverty scoured the streets was met with an upset when the two-decade incumbent defeated Bush, 56.7% to 36.9%. You might think that this defeat shot down Bush's dreams for office again, but it didn't. Once again, in 2020, Bush ran against Clay during a time where our country was more than ever fired up to make a change to due current events going on during the time. Endorsed by the progressive organization, senators, and activists, Bush narrowly defeated Clay in the primary election with receiving 48.5% of the vote. Her win ended with the Clays family's 52-year in the district. From that day she had a mission. A frequent advocator for criminal justice, police reform, abortion rights, and Medicare for all; Bush had an agenda, an agenda that would not only bring change to this country but change to her district with which she loved genuinely and had hope that necessary change would come.

Cori Bush; an ordained pastor, mother of two, nurse, and activist is someone making a mark on this world. She has lived the struggles like so many in her community. Faced with eviction and being homeless and a survivor of both domestic violence and police brutality; she continuously fights regularly every day and for me that means something. On August 9, 2014, the killing of Michael Brown occurred stirring turmoil on the streets of Missouri. Bush stated that she remembered the chaos and the warzone that her district had become at the time and this caused her to lend a hand as a nurse wanting to see justice happen. She saw how that event affected the entire nation. This showed that even before she had decided to go into politics, that she was already willing to put herself on the frontlines to make a difference, what some seating politicians aren't willing to do. Following Ferguson, she'd been asked to run for office by community leaders, but wouldn't by stating that she needed to protect her children. She eventually decided to run. In 2016, she was a candidate 2016 United States Senate election in Missouri. She fell short to Secereart of State Jason Kander who then lost his election to Republican Roy Blunt. She ten ran against Lacy Clay in 2018 and lost and finally without losing a single chance for hope and living up to the saying "third times a  charm" she won the seat. Seeing the up's that she must've gone through during the times and the motivation and positive mindset needed to take with every defeat showed me that no matter what she was going to make sure that earned the seat that she was going to take by the hands to better Missouris 1st district.

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