Coronavirus and Human Value Analysis

Coronavirus and Human Value Analysis
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📌Published: 18 March 2021

Pandemics have been around for hundreds of years by now. Take a look at the black death, Yellow fever epidemic, Flu pandemic, Spanish flu, Swine flu, Ebola outbreak, Zika virus and the list goes on. Catastrophic events that have impacted mankind in different ways, causing the deaths of hundreds and thousands of people. These diseases mutate over time just like the coronavirus and its different strains coming from certain living organisms affecting us in different ways, when consuming or coming in contact with them, but many speculate that this pandemic “Covid-19” may be a hoax or manmade in a lab. 

Everyday people are dying due to this pandemic that many Americans aren’t taking it seriously. parting, celebrating and gathering hundreds of people not wearing masks nor social distancing. It's like a wildfire spreading out quickly calling them “super spreaders”. Crazy to think that Microsoft’s founder and billionaire Bill Gates himself warned us almost six years ago that something so small we can’t see could kill and would kill hundreds of people if we weren’t ready. Yet that turns out to be the case. Since it keeps getting harder to maintain the “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced on Wednesday that it is contributing $100 million toward the fight to contain the outbreak”(line 1). Not only is this an incredible gesture by him, but his foundation focuses on improving poverty and global health. This allows researchers to do their job and come out with a vaccine as quick as possible to slow down the spread. This also comes to show how innovative Bill Gates was and already thinking about the future and warning us about another catastrophic event just like the one we’re living in right now. Give us a heads up so we would be prepared or know what to do if something like this were to ever happen, but yet nobody listened. 

Since we’re in a pandemic and this coronavirus has been sweeping the United States with more getting infected and more contributing with it being a hoax. CDC has made us quarantine and it has been going on for months now, since March to be exact. Many people don’t understand but, “quarantine is a very old and effective containment tool, previously used to contain the spread of contagious diseases like the plague and influenza”(para. 2). There can be pros and cons when it comes up to quartenting which can help stop the spread faster, but on the other hand depending on the person. It can bring them depression and problems. From being a social person to becoming anti-social, not being able to see your friends, family and loved ones. It can be hard especially for the elderly. Who are in a senior home and need their family’s comfort and presence once in a while. This pandemic has affected us and many ways, especially the way we live our day to day life routines. It’s not the same anymore. Wearing a mask, social distancing, being cautious at all times not letting your guard down living with fear. This is why people are getting frustrated with quarantine and for most part not following rules. This is why people keep on breaking the rules not taking protocol nor precaution. Going out and putting themselves, loved ones and other people in danger which is a cycle and keeps getting harder to slow down the spread making the quarantine last a lifetime and never making it end.

With all this being “new” to us, as in this generation has never experienced anything like this. All we know is that it kills you inside out and you may never know how you got the virus because you could also be asymptomatic and could be spreading it around for all we know. Also, we had one of the worst presidents in history, former president Trump who did not know how to contain it nor didn’t have a plan for this pandemic. Downplaying it, die hard Trump supporters and extreme groups were following in Trump's steps “from February until the second week of March, QAnon followed the lead of Trump in downplaying the threat of the virus and calling it a hoax”(line 24). they believed that “pandemic” was ruining Trump’s chance of getting reelected again. This also showed proof in the lacking manner, how former president Trump was handling the situation only caring about his presidency and not the lives of billions. Downplaying the Pandemic was a serious public health threat in putting the lives of many people in jeopardy telling them not to worry, Trumps’ the “leader” of course they're going to listen to him. Influencing others not to follow CDC protocol was not the move adding more fuel to the fire. Firing Dr. Fauci, the chief medical advisor to the president and taking matters into his own hands not knowing nothing about this disease was a bold move of Trump to do that. Trump really never cared about this coronavirus; he only cared in running two terms as president. This is why people thought most of the time that this pandemic was a hoax. 

Nonetheless, this pandemic is not to be played with. This is serious everyday we’re breaking records with death tools. Everyday we lose a loved one, family member, friend or someone we know and it could be unexpectedly too. That’s why we got to be cautious, aware, and never let your guard down. We don’t know what this virus can do to you, we don’t know what it could do in the near future and there is little research about this virus. Let alone the vaccine itself it only took a couple months to get it out to the public and it’s supposedly “safe” too, but there have been people getting side effects from it, so how do we know it's safe to take? All I know is that there is barely enough research and studies from this pandemic and vaccine and that this wasn’t manande in a lab, but more of what mother nature throws at us.

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