Corruption Within the United States of America

Corruption Within the United States of America
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Why is corruption possible? Known as a young industrial power, the United states of 

America has suffered from plenty of examples of political corruption. It was a major issue during the late nineteenth century. In fact, we find a number of different kinds of corruption at that time. All in all, corruption is a major issue that needs to be discussed. As well as being strictly put to rest. The people of the United States should not have to put their faith into an untrustworthy government. And I stand by my beliefs for the greater good of this country.

Corruption can come in many forms. For instance, political machines have been known to 

get greedy when it comes to politics. According to Harvard Law Today, “The political machines provide jobs for supporters, who use their positions to generate illicit income for themselves and the party bosses.” The founding fathers of our government never intended this for obvious reasons. Another issue stated by Harvard Law Today was that, “Second, while the political machines tended to dominate local governments, the practice of buying and selling public offices, or using government appointments to purchase political support, was widespread at the national level as well.” Another way of taking advantage of the U.S. government that needs to be dealt with. These are two of various kinds of corruption within our political system. They need to be addressed.We all should deserve a fair government. 

Even though there are issues within electoral decisions, there are 

many other corrupt areas in the United States government. One being the word “gerrymandering”. Gerrymandering, in simple terms, is the reestablishment of district boundaries to benefit them within an election. Not only is this wrong but should be considered cheating. This is an unfair advantage used by political groups. As well as unfair to the citizens of the U.S. A similar form from the first example of corruption is money exchanged between lobbyists and politicians. This is literal bribery. Special interest groups give politicians exponential amounts of money in favor of laws and regulations that benefit that special interest group. Money should be for beneficial reasons regarding this country.

Several political actions are taking place to end this corruption. Now we ask: how 

does corruption occur? Well, there are a number of reasons. One being greed of money as well as desires. Some politicians favor governmental participation for personal gain. They are elected into office and partake in activities that raise their wealth. Not only is this wrong but they feed the population material to eat up. This way, it makes getting into office a whole lot easier. They tell their supporters what they want you to hear and not what should be heard.

Another reason for corruption would be higher levels of market and political

monopolization. Some people can’t handle an over abundance of fame and or responsibility. Money can’t buy happiness. People get greedy fast. So when this happens, not all politicians are going to keep true to themselves. Some of them are more than likely to take advantage of high levels of monopolization.

The last reason I would like to discuss is weak civil participation. According to 

Mrs. Tuholski, South Central Highschool Teacher, weak civil participation in our government today is declining. People do not partake in their duties as a citizen of the United States are at fault for this one. The lack of voters equals the lack of support for specific politicians. 

All of these reasons depend on a wide variety of aspects. But how can we stop 

political corruption? For one, us being U.S. citizens have a right to know where our public funding is going towards. Make sure your public funding is going to things like: schools, hospitals, or roads. If you happen to work for a government related occupation, you are obligated to report any suspicious activity within your environment. There are various ways to fight against political corruption. In fact, there are multiple sites related to protecting yourself against corruption and how to identify it. Use these resources and continue the fight against corruption.

America has been facing the problem of corruption since the United States was born. 

Being a big issue in the late 19th century, it still is a recurring issue today. So when you ask yourself: why is corruption possible. Be the American citizen you are and take part in the fight against political corruption. Stop these repetitive situations. Make the United States a better place for everyone including yourself.

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