Covenant Essay Example

Covenant Essay Example
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📌Published: 15 March 2021

Even though I have grown up in a Baptist church, I have always struggled with understanding what a Covenant is.  In the past, I thought that a Covenant was only an agreement between two parties.  Now, I understand that a Covenant is so much more than that. For there to be a Covenant, there has to be a relationship, a promise, and an expectation. Another thing about Covenants is that no matter what happens God will always uphold his promise no matter if the other party does not. I believe that covenants show us that we have a gracious and merciful God. 

There are many examples of covenants in the Bible; the first covenant we find is found in Genesis 6:18-22.  This covenant is between Noah and God; it is called the Noahic Covenant.  When we look at Noah’s life, we see a man that was very obedient to God.  In the time of Noah, the Bible says that the world was full of sin.  So, God decided that he would destroy the earth.  However, God saved Noah and his family because of Noah’s obedience to God.  God told Noah to build the ark; God gave exact and precise instructions for Noah.  During this, we assume that rain was a very rare thing because the people believed that Noah was insane for thinking that it was going to flood.  Although being mocked, Noah persisted in building the ark.  For me, this covenant shows that even if we are being mocked and persecuted, God will always protect us.  

Once Noah built the ark, God sent two of every type of animal.  During the flood, Noah and his family were safe.  After the flood, God promised Noah that he would never destroy the world by water again.  The sign for this promise is a rainbow in the sky.  I think that this sign is very special because most times when it rains, we often see a rainbow.  I believe that God is reminding not only himself but also us that He always keeps His promises.  Another thing that a covenant always has is an expectation.  God’s expectations for the Noahic Covenant are that we will be fruitful, multiple, and worship Him.  

Another covenant in the Bible is the Abrahamic Covenant. This covenant, found in Genesis 17:9, is between God and Abraham. In the Bible, Abraham was known for his faithfulness to God.  The promise for this covenant was that Abraham will have many descendants and that he will have an abundance of land.  Abraham was baffled when God said that he and Sarah were going to have a son since they were older.  To me, this shows that God’s timing is always perfect and that he truly cares for us.  The sign for this covenant is circumcision; and the expectations are that we will be fruitful and multiply and not to take a human life. 

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