Crocodile, Squirrel and Raven’s father Fairy Tale Example

Crocodile, Squirrel and Raven’s father Fairy Tale Example
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📌Published: 14 March 2021

“Raven, stay where you are. Do not move.” Crocodile hissed, staring just beyond the spot where she stood. Raven froze, dropping the flowers she had been collecting. Small, gleaming, yellow eyes peeked out from the bushes, if you weren’t looking closely, they could easily be mistaken for tiny flowers. The only thing giving the hidden monster away was the occasional shine that appeared when they blinke.

Crocodile, Squirrel and Raven’s father, was slowly reaching down to his sheathed staff. His hand was shaking. Squirrel doubted that he feared for himself. Crocodile was more fearful for Raven. Raven stared at the grassy forest floor, shaking slightly. She knew that there was something dangerous near her, she could practically feel the fear in the air. They all could. Squirrel knew the creature in the bushes, he’d heard of them in the stories brought back by injured and the terrified, who had unintentionally acquired the ire of a lilycat. The creature stalked out of the bushes, it towered over them all, its sleek black pelt glistened in the light of the setting sun. Colorful peacock-like feathers raised out of its fur, mimicking its eyes. 

Crocodile suddenly whipped his staff out of its sheath on his back, and aimed it at the lilycat, “Lio lu, cevar!” He screamed, his voice was shaky, but the wand heard his fear. The roots of the trees surrounding the clearing grew to an enormous size. The lilycat charged at Crocodile, attracted to the noise and the movement. The roots and plants quickly snapped towards them, and in an instant, the lilycat was restrained to the floor, and strangled to death by the plants. Crocodile sheathed his staff and raced towards Raven, who had crumpled up on the floor, and was staring at the lilycat’s corpse in shock. Squirrel was frozen for a few moments, but managed to snap himself out of it and walk towards Raven and his father. Squirrel stopped to look at the strangled lilycat for a moment, watching as even in the creature’s death, the plants continued to grasp and choke them. There was no relent from the plants, as his father’s spell had been fueled by pure fury and fear, with the intent to kill. Squirrel learned very early on from his father that emotionally fueled spells were some of the most powerful, with anger, fear, and sadness being the easiest to draw power from. Although typically his father did not rely on the more emotional variant of magic, and instead worked to create specialised and powerful spells for each situation, which was why this show of raw emotional magic was so astonishing to Squirrel. Squirrel winced, looking away from the giant corpse and continuing towards Raven and Crocodile.

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