Cultural Awareness Essay Example

Cultural Awareness Essay Example
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📌Published: 07 April 2021

Cultural awareness is someone's understanding of the differences between themselves and people from other backgrounds. The specific differences include attitudes and values. While growing up my family always went on vacations every summer, but we mostly stuck with three places. These places include Long Beach Island, Disney, and Outer Banks. Since we stayed in the United States, I was never introduced to a drastically new kind of culture. I hope that in my future (after the coronavirus restrictions are gone) I can get my passport and travel outside of the United States with my best friends! 

Even though I have not traveled outside of the United States I was presented with diverse kinds of values/traditions throughout my years of school. During my childhood, I wanted to be involved in every kind of club/sport that I could. In elementary school, I joined Girl Scouts and played soccer and basketball. In middle school, I joined cross country, track, and Early Act. While I was in high school, I played volleyball, track, basketball and was on the student council. Each of these activities brought me to a new group of people, because I spent so much time with them, I learned many things about each person. I learned both massive things and little things. There were a few things that surprised me. One of these includes when I ate dinner at my best friend's house and instead of eating dinner as a family at one table, they all ate at a separate time in various places in the house. This may sound like a little non-important event but in my family, it would be weird for that to happen. Every night (except if one of us is working) we are all seated around our kitchen table enjoying our meal together, this is our time to talk about how our day went, and just spend some time together. My best friend and I were raised differently in that standard because in my mind that is disrespectful to not eat with family members but to her, it is a routine.  

I find learning more about my friends is remarkably interesting because everyone is taught different things. Learning about other cultures could be as big as learning about someone else's language, but it could also be as small as learning your own best friends' values. Everyone must be careful when we are respecting others’ cultures, for example in the United States it is kind to shake someone’s kind (before the coronavirus) but in other countries that may not be the case. If it is actions or words, we must be open and accepting of others’ cultures. I am pursuing a business management degree and I think it would be a good idea for all companies to have a culture training course. This would include the issues of cultural diversity. By being a manager, I must lead by example, and by having this training course I will make it clear to my employees that respecting other’s cultures is very important, and by not abiding by this there will be consequences.  I may not have gone outside of the United States, but I have still learned about the people around me and what their values are.

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