Cybercrime Fighting Report Example

Cybercrime Fighting Report Example
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The coronavirus does not discriminate between countries or philosophies. Many countries across the world have worked together to find solutions to control and mitigate the danger to our public wellbeing, protection, and stability. The community seeks to grasp what is functioning, what is not coming from the struggles and disbursements of someone who has been seriously impacted. Zoom has gained a lot of media coverage since the COVID-19 pandemic caused a spike in homework and a subsequent surge in the use of the video conferencing app. Zoom's unexpected rise in success has not flown under the radar, and cybercriminals are steadily targeting app users (Solid Space, 2005-2020).

Explain the types of crime the organization addresses
Recently, outsiders have been participating in the zoom bombing where these online gatherings have been interrupted by hateful and inappropriate remarks. They're still trying to hack their way into the forums. Cybercrime is the use of a computer for illicit acts such as fraud, trading in intellectual property, stealing identities, or breaching privacy. Cybercrime, specifically across the Internet has increased in importance as computers have become integral to business, culture, and government. Many devices belonging to the academic system have also been the victims of cybercrime in recent years. Thanks to the global pandemic of COVID-19, schools, and institutions around the world have been infected (Yar. M, 2019). Schools to Graduate Institutes have closed their campuses to ensure the safety of students and faculty and to avoid the potential dissemination of the pandemic across these campuses. The number of working days is reduced by Workplaces. However, with recent developments in technology and connectivity, schooling and some kind of office work can be provided over the Phone. Classrooms will also use interactive forums to communicate with students and teachers. Offices may also hold their meetings online. Online forums help teachers exchange lesson plans and social media help students work together through classrooms. Web-based apps help teachers tailor the instructional environment of each pupil to achieve higher learning outcomes.

Describe the technical approach the organization uses to address cybercrimes
Several blogs and conversations explored the various approaches to attacking Zoom's conferencing facilities, some of which centered on Zoom checkers and credential stuffing. Tracking services are popular in credit card fraud-the concept is to verify if a compromised credit card is fresh by making a micro-donation. If the donation is made, the card is new and can be used for fraudulent purchases. Credentials are a type of hacking attempt in which login credentials are checked against a website or program to obtain access to and take over an account. A few of the participants mentioned using the Open Bullet Zoom-specific setup. Although it’s not a function of the framework, the last suggestions go without saying stay clear of Zoom ransomware scams. Hackers will use fraudulent connections that have bogus Zoom domains and look-alike URLs that ask for authentication. The company Zoom asks that all employees take extra care when clicking on links and make sure to enter the Zoom page using the normal system rather than the connection that someone may have sent (Wiederhold, B. K., 2020). Each consumer has a Special Meeting visibly with their account. Using a per-meeting Identifier, unique to a particular session, exclusive to a specific meeting.  The Zoom help page provides a video on how to create a random meeting ID for extra protection.

Identify Vulnerable Areas 
Zoom is now becoming famous all over the world in the Covid 19 Pandemic since it has been commonly chosen as one of the useful education platforms based on its ability to provide smoothly responsive video conferencing. But it has emerged along with its array of issues.  The improvement makes it possible for users to prevent and redress cyber-bullying events. Conversely, Zoom has put in place several steps to discourage this including monitoring screen sharing, which hosts could get complete control of what can be shared on screens through ongoing sessions, restricting invaders and cyberbullies. Around the same time, moderators can shut out personnel who are not permitted to simulated conferences and can only admit unique individuals. Around the same time, the Zoom Waiting Room allows people the discretion to validate persons before they are admitted to sessions. This functionality can be activated for each session. At the same time, users can also limit chats to discourage those attending sessions from sending private messages to each other. The zoom program also helps hosts to delete any individuals they choose. This functionality makes it easy for them to delete any alleged cyberbullies. 

Prevention Methods 
Zoom allows its customers to use a program and system that has been upgraded with

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