Daycare Decisions for Infant Psychosocial Development

Daycare Decisions for Infant Psychosocial Development
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📌Published: 28 March 2021

Sending a child to daycare is a difficult decision to make. With added financial hardship, this decision may become even more difficult. Many other countries around the world have policies in place that may make this decision easier, such as paid parental leave and subsidized day care. But the United States has few government policies in place that help to provide support in these areas. I believe the United States government should provide more support in these areas by making sure all companies give their workers paid parental leave and provide aid to parents in need. 

The United States is the only developed country without a federal mandate of paid maternity leave. With a large portion of Americans in favor of paid family leave, it’s a wonder why it is not a mandate yet. In fact, a Pew Research Center study shows that 82% favor paid leave for mothers, while 69% favor paid leave for fathers. One of the main reasons why bills in favor of paid family leave won't pass are because many businesses do not want them to, either because they fear not being able to afford it or that they use paid leave as a pawn to get skilled workers to work for them. I personally believe that companies should have to pay their new mothers at least 8 weeks of paid maternal leave, and new fathers 6 weeks of paid parental pay. This way the parents will get to bond with their new child, and the workplace will not lose a skilled worker. I found a bill very similar to what I am proposing, called the FAMILY act. This bill proposes a 12-week paid leave should come from payroll tax, and the workers should only be getting 66% of their normal earnings. I believe this bill would be a great way to make sure new parents get the time and money needed to start raising their child.  

Daycare is an option many working parents use to watch over their children. But there are other parents who simply cannot afford daycare or cannot find a daycare for the times they are at work. My proposition to fix that is for the government to use some of the wealth tax (a tax Warren has proposed, 2 cent tax per dollar on fortunes over $50 million, and a 3-cent tax on every dollar above $1 billion) to ensure that no family spends more than 7% of their income on daycare and giving families below the poverty line free daycare. This plan would help tons of families be able to afford daycare that they were not able to afford before. The one problem with this plan is that there would be no guarantee of quality care. Possibly the government should monitor daycares frequently to ensure quality care. I would also propose the government giving tax cuts to daycares that decide to open for 24/7, to ensure that more daycares are open for parents that work later hours. With these plans I hope that many parents will be able to consider daycare as an option for childcare.  

Daycare is a hard decision for many parents. It is not affordable for many parents right now, and there is little to no government policies that may make this decision easier. I hope that family leave will soon be federally regulated, and more government policies should be enacted to help make daycare more affordable for parents.

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