Development of Weaknesses Experience Essay

Development of Weaknesses Experience Essay
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📌Published: 10 April 2021

People feel sad about their weaknesses, but we should feel prosperous about doing better. Failure is unique because it causes people to develop their weaknesses. I will explain how failure got me to strengthen by writing essays and cooking. 

It’s frustrating to do things you’re weak at, but you keep trying. For example, I was making a lemon pie by following the recipe, and once I finished, I put it in the refrigerator for five hours. Then, five hours passed, I took the pie out, tried a piece, and didn't taste good. Then, I started looking at other recipes and made other pies, and some were not good. Until I did my absolute best to make another lemon pie, and like magic, it came out well, and I made it for my mother's birthday. After all, doing something for the first time goes wrong, then keep trying until everything goes well. 

People feel ashamed of their failure, but everyone must stand up to conquer them. For example, my weakness is writing essays because I wasn’t improving and I felt disappointed, and I asked for help. Then, my teacher explained how to improve my paper through editing and revising. I did what my teacher said, and I improved because I was getting 3 and 4. In English EOC, I scored a 5 in my writing, and I was happy because I worked hard to improve. After all, you can feel bad about failure, but you can ask for help to progress to defeat your weakness.  

Finally, I learned that failure makes people work hard and being able to develop my weaknesses.

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