Differences Between High School and College Essay Example

In this day and age both high school and college has evolve in different ways .First let’s take a look at the difference between high school and college times schedule high school schedule has a longer period then college schedule the reason for this because high school teaching takes two hours or one and a half hour of teaching each individual subject where has college you will get to choose how long you want your classes to be .In college there is a lot of homework professors give to the student while high school teachers you give maybe one or two homework due the fact that they both have a different due dates when homework accepted by teacher. college homework or assignment normally due in the weekend or the next day depend on your teacher .In contrast high school homework and or assignment due the next day or 3 day before the actual due day .

Both college and high school play a big role in education conversely I believe college play a bigger role, the particular reason for the circumstance is that college will take you to where you want to be in life, even though high school prepare students next step in the education. It still does not get to where you want to be in life. lunches in high school and college differ in a way how it looks , tastes and smell. While I was in high school the food tasted dreadful , slimy and smell egregious ; unlike college you we'll get two options the first one is eat the cafeteria lunch or a drive to the nearest fast food restaurants near to campus . Although student prefer to eat at their favorite fast food restaurant rather than eating at the cafeteria at their school. The school structure for high school and college is different is this present time Due to the pandemic some high schools allow student to be in school however college give you option to be on n campus or do online classes .

How do you know when to get to class? Well I was in high school there were bells that tells me when to get my next class to the contrary I will have be my own bell in college given that when your in college you have independents. If you are fail one or two class your high school teacher will tell you to take a online retake class where you relearn the subject you fail whether it is math or English and it does not 90% effect your GPA ,nevertheless if you fail a class is have to repeat the class can cause a disadvantage to your GPA. 

 How do student take their in class ? high school some teacher want the student take note take their way, there’s no type just a pen or pencil and book , yet College give you the independent to type or write how you take your notes in class this because student in college are consider adult .Taking responsibility has high school student is different from college student why? Well high don’t have to take so much responsibility all have to do is get to class on time and do their assignment that it since teacher in high school take on 80% of the student responsibility while college student takes more responsibility where student have to be their own bell to get to class on time , do multiple assignment each week , checking their GPA to make sure it is good and studying hard to ensure that the student pass every test or quiz owing to the fact their adult.

Taking everything that has been explain the contrast between high school and college base on life style , education and student.


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