Distressing Adventure Essay Example

Many Americans participate in family vacations. Even though many of these vacations are enjoyable, my experience last summer was miserable. The July trip to the Grand Canyon was spoiled by my mother's rules, my grandfather's ill health, and my sister's behavior.

To begin, my mother's rules ruined the trip. For example, she took away all of our electronics and banned us from using our cell phones. Without social media, I felt completely lost. Next, since she wanted us to communicate, Mom also forbade us from watching television or listening to the radio. Even Netflix was off limits. As if this were not bad enough, my mother also forced us to sing silly songs and play games on the drive to the Grand Canyon.   Therefore, these rules helped ruin the trip.

Furthermore, my grandfather's health also ruined the trip. For instance, since he was on a low fat diet, I was not allowed to eat fast food or snacks. Every time we drove by a McDonald's, my mouth salivated. Next, since Grandpa was weak, we were not allowed to go on the canyon trail rides, aerial tours, or raft trips. Moreover, my grandfather takes many naps, so we had to keep quiet for many hours on the trip. Thus, this is how my grandpa ruined the trip.

Finally, my sister's rude behavior increased my misery. To illustrate, she suffers from motion sickness, so she vomited in the back seat. We had to pull over and clean out our vehicle.  In the evenings, she would cry, so she scared away all the animals. Also, she kept following me around, so I never had a moment to myself. Consequently, my sister ruined the trip.

All in all, my summer vacation was miserable. Three reasons it was ruined were my mom, grandfather, and sister. Even though most people enjoy family vacations, I will probably stay home next year. 



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