Do Video Games Lead to Violence?

Do Video Games Lead to Violence?
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📌Published: 29 April 2021

Video games have become an important pastime for young people. In the article “Do video games lead to violence?” by Susan Scutti, the author explains video games may cause violence in some people. Guns cause violence, not video games. Video games are a good way to channel your emotions. “That violent video games may help reduce societal violence rather than increase it. Video games are not to blame for such horrific acts of violence but after the Columbine incident, the media and people used video games as a scapegoat. And even president Donald Trump was saying “ I’m hearing more and more people say the level of violence in video games is really shaping young people's thoughts. Even though people used violent video games as a scapegoat, the fact is that it was easier to blame video games for violence. And Americans are wasting tax dollars on research to just prove that violent video games cause violence. Research shows that “outdated and problematic statements on video game violence. So many people blame video games for violence in schools but have they looked at other factors like mental health or were they bullied or their home life. Many people blame video games on violence but they do not look at other details tied to the shooting. Video games are a good way to channel any emotions“Playing first person shooting games you keep them off the streets and out of trouble. Video games do lower the rate of crime and they do help people to let off some steam. Video games can be a good teaching lesson on violence and how to prevent it. I played grand theft auto a long time ago and I did not want to go out and steal a car and kill people. And still people blame video games for everyday crime. Video games are actually really fun, especially mortal kombat. It may seem a little violent but it has no phase for me. I just like earning points and beating my appoint to the death. So many older people blame video games on everything. So many people I know in the 9th grade that play violent video games and it does not phase them. And even after a new release of a video game they tracked the crime rate and violence in fact it decreased because video games can actually be a life changer for many. I learned that video games can be fun no matter how bloody or violent. Video games are pretty awesome and I did play pokemon go. It was pretty legendary the amount of pokemons I caught. The important lesson I learned from this article is that you can not blame video games for everything. That people should not blame video games on school violence or everyday violence. Because it teaches you to better understand what is going on in the lives of many american children and that you should monitor the things your kids do. Because it helps you become more aware of the things that take place in some schools in american. And that you should speak up if you see something happening because you might just prevent something tragic from happening.

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