Do What You Wish to Do

In our life, we should not consider what others might say or how things might prove when considering a course of action.  Moreover, if you do not take or consider others' opinions, you could get in the wrong direction and challenge yourself in life. However, it’ll make you stronger because you’re learning from your mistakes and challenging yourself through the experience. Therefore, For those that want to develop their skills, and find a way to improve them, taking challenges and thus the experience of conquering and making mistakes is important because it is the way they can achieve their personal growth. 

People are making themselves more independent and successful by just doing their own business and not following others' thoughts that they think they could not make it and make mistakes. As an example, Emerson says, “but the great man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps the perfect sweetness of the independence of solitude.”. (Self-Reliance) people who are successful aren't identical to others in society, their thoughts often cannot be accepted by others. So, while others follow other’s rules to become normal, people focus their passions and are not influenced by others. They say they could not make it well, create a successful way by themselves, which are different paths than usual. Consequently,  people who willingly take the responsibility for their failures and mistakes become more successful than people who listen to others for trying to avoid challenges.

When people don't hear others might cause failure in their life, but it's a key to achieve skills and increase their ability. For instance, Burkman illustrates, “The relevant analogy here is with weight training: muscles grow by being pushed 5 of 7 to the limits of their current capacity, where fibers tear and re-heal. Among weightlifters, “training to failure” isn’t an admission of defeat – it’s a strategy.”. (Happiness is a Glass Half Empty) Some people think it's better to require challenges to create them stronger, it's been their strategy since they think they are benefited from learning failure progresses and try to conquer them. Folks that are convinced you are doing those things the correct way are making you become normal and make your work well done, but you are not learning much from your experience. When you do not consider what others might say and find your passion by yourself, You will receive more advantages because you realize what's best for you and what you learn from your failure.

To conclude, if we would like to become stronger in our life, we've got to face the challenge and not hear others avoid all challenges you're going to face. Hence, people should take challenges more to boost their abilities to become stronger and successful in life.    



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