Dream Jobs in Sports Law

Dream Jobs in Sports Law
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In the sports world there are a lot of career options, but in the end if you want to work in this field you have to choose just one. Sports have been around for a long time and there are multiple different kinds of sports. Sports have been made across the entire world and there is a large diversity of them. America has adopted some of these sports and made small changes to them. Some of the most popular sports in America are basketball, football, and baseball. In these sports there’s usually a different team for each gender, and there is usually a different team for almost each state to represent them. Therefore there is a lot of space for everyone to play a sport. However you don’t have to play a sport to land a job in the sports field because there are many other options. In the sport field jobs vary from being hands on to just sitting in the office. Some of the jobs in the sports field are the athlete, the water boy, the team doctor, the team manager, sports attorney and more. The job I will be applying for is a sports attorney. A sports attorney is not that much different from a regular attorney; the only major difference is they are subjected to professional sport organizations and not just to the general public. For athletes it's very important to have a sports attorney, because when you're focused on practicing for your sport and playing games, it's hard for them to keep it with their legal matters, and the more games you play the legal matters you go through, the more you get known the more legal matters you go through. Therefore sometimes it can be a bittersweet thing for players, because they often have to deal with legal matters all the time, and they get sued for the smallest things. A sports attorney can be for just one player, for one team, or for the whole entire organization. A sports attorney can deal with things as small as contracts and as big as criminal cases for an athlete. Also if you're an entertainment lawyer you can work as a sports lawyer as well. These lawyers fight cases in and outside of court. If a player or an artist gets sued that's their job. If a player or artist gets into legal trouble it is their job to take care of it. They take care of contracts, endorsements, brand deals and more. Sports attorneys also help them help them take care of legal money transactions. These attorneys also guide their clients to understand their contacts before they sign anything; if they see something that will eventually damage their brand they will guide them not to sign. A sports attorney also takes care of legal trades for a sports organization.  A sports attorney is a lawyer who is subjected to specifically to sport organizations.

It's not easy to become a sports lawyer however with lots of hard work it will be achievable. Like most other jobs you do have to get a degree to land a place in this field. Just like any other attorney it’s a long process to become a sports attorney. Before anything you need to get an undergraduate degree in a law major to even start the process. It's recommended that you major in pre law first and get an undergraduate bachelor's degree to become a sports attorney. It also recommends taking part in an internship that is related to sports law. Then after this you have to go to law school for a minimum of 3 years. Law school is mandatory for all lawyers; you cannot skip it no matter what kind of lawyer you are. You also have to pass a bar exam to become a lawyer. A bar exam is administered by the bar association of direction. You must pass this exam to even become a lawyer. However passing the test won’t be easy so people study for this test for years. If you pass, congratulations, you're a lawyer. Also know that you have a degree to become a sports lawyer you are now eligible to become a sports lawyer because most sports agents are lawyers. However just because you're a lawyer doesn’t mean the hard work is done. Just because you are now a lawyer doesn't mean you’ll get hired, people will often choose the person with more experience. Therefore you need to have a good attitude and keep pushing to get that job. If you have a good attitude people will tend to come to your more and recommend you to others. When you get in front of that judge you will have to fight for your client, because almost all times there will be another side fighting against you.  You will have some easy cases, and cases that you think are impossible to beat. However as long as you have perseverance in the courtroom you have a chance in winning the case and getting more clients. However when you get a few clients your hard work isn’t done you still have to keep working hard so can keep you jobs, and get a sports organization to hire you. Also what makes it even harder to land a job, as a sports attorney is that there aren't a lot of law firms that have a specific division for sports law. Also as a sports attorney you may have to sign a NDA (non- disclosure agreement). A NDA is a legal contract between you and another party, which states that you have to keep certain information away from the public/media. A sports attorney takes on a lot of work when they get their job, and they always have to stay on top of it.

No matter where you are as long as there are professional sports there you are eligible to become a sports attorney. They have jobs for sports attorneys almost everywhere, you are even able to leave the country and still become a sports attorney. Also there are multiple different sports that a sports attorney can apply for. You can also be a general sports attorney, which means you are not signed to a specific organization and can work with any client, or you can be signed to one organization.  Basketball or football is some of the best sports to be an attorney for, because these are some of the most popular sports so their organizations generate more money. On average a sports lawyer makes 95,000 a year. However your salary does depend on what organization you're working with. Your salary can increase if you're working with a bigger organization, and it also depends on if you're working with one person at a time or if you're working with an entire team, or if you're working with an entire organization. When working with an organization you can usually get signed, which means you work for them and they just don’t hire you. Also your salary depends on what sport you're working for, because each sport has different and more legal matters than the other. There is a sports attorney for almost every sport, and teams need an attorney almost everyday so there is a lot of availability for this job, the hardest part is finding a law firm, and when you find that firm you should stick to it because it will be hard to find another form that has a sports division. Also its recommend to be signed to an organization because they will continue to come back to you when needed instead of looking elsewhere, and they will recommend you to all their players. It’s not easy to biome a sports attorney however with hard work it’s achievable.

When I win a job in a law form as a sports attorney, I will make sure to give it my best work. I will try my best to give my clients my best and fight and win every case. I will also advise my clients to be smart about what their next move will be; therefore if I’m not there they can make decisions on their own. I will devote most of my time to my job, and will do whatever it takes to win each and every case. When in front of the judge I will provide an argument that will allow my client and I to get what they need. When it’s time for my clients to sign a contract I will go over the contract and make sure they understand how what they’re signing will effect their future whether its good or bad. I will make sure all my clients don’t sign anything that will damage their career, and if they do I will fight to get them out of that position.  If they get into legal trouble as their attorney I will advise them not to get into legal trouble. Also as a sports lawyer I can be eligible to be there sports agent as well therefore I will be a two in one. Also I’ve taken multiple law classes that have prepared me for this job. When I was in middle school I took a mock trial class, where I studied law and did mock trials, in these trial I got the opportunity to play the attorney for the plaintiff, and a defense. I also have a bachelor’s degree in pre law, and I have went to law school and have passed my bar exam with a high grade. Also ever since I was little if I wanted something that is important I would fight to get it. I know how to integrate others so the case can go our way. Ever since I was little I always wanted to be a lawyer but I just didn’t what kind of lawyer I wanted to be. It was when I was a teenager I realized I wanted to be a sports lawyer. I was always into criminal justice shows when I was younger, so that’s why I got interested in pre-law. I also want to help people who don’t belong in jail and were wrongfully accused get out of jail.

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