Dreams On The History Lesson

Monday, November 18th is a day that 16-year-old Ronny Bowen will never forget because that was the day he was inside the belly of a horse. Ronny’s morning started normal, he woke up, made his bed, ate breakfast, brushed his teeth, and went to school. Ronny’s first class of the day was the worst, history, and they were learning about the Trojan war. A few minutes into class Ronnie was so bored that he fell asleep. An hour later the bell rang and Ronny woke up, except now he wasn’t in school, he was in Greece. Ronny was in awe when he saw the swarm of Greek soldiers being loaded into this colossal wooden horse. “No way! We were just learning about this!” All of a sudden Ronny was aggressively being pushed forward by a crowd of more Greek soldiers and before he knew it he was inside the horse. Shocked, Ronny looked around and saw 40 enormous rugged men dressed in full armor. Ronny looked down and saw he had acquired armor of his won. When they started to move, Ronny turned to the burly man standing beside him and asked, “ Where are we going?” “To Troy of course.”, the man responded. Now Ronny knew, he was inside THE Trojan horse, the one that the Greeks used to ambush the Trojans. “What am I going to do now.”, thought Ronny. Then, they stopped abruptly and everyone fell silent. Outside they could hear hushed voices. “You have won, it is over”, said the Greek warrior Sinon. “At last we have done it, now what is this you bring us?”, replied a man. “A gift, an offering to Athena!”, Sinon said. “We will take it and you must leave on the ship with the rest of your friends.”, the man said sternly. Sinon retreated and the horse began to roll again. Everyone inside was still dead silent, but outside you could hear the Trojans ecstatically celebrating their victory. Then, when they least expected it, the Greeks burst from the horse with a bang, drew their spears, and let in the others who had supposedly sailed away. The Greeks showed no mercy as they abolished all of Troy.  To stay safe Ronny hid in the horse and closed his eyes until it was all over and there was nothing left of Troy. It was then that Ronny was being shaken intensely and when he opened his eyes he was back at school and history class was over.


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